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The Empire rumbles on. Will you march to its war drum?

Hello there, Seraphim17 once again
but, you already knew that and that is the very reason you are here. I create coverage of video games; from news and trailers, irreverent quick clips, to complete walkthroughs on the most punishing difficulty. I have been steadily building my Empire (the jovial moniker I coined for my gaming platform) for the past four years. I am an army of one - everything you experience on my channel comes from a single passionate (if sometimes sarcastic) man with the idiom "Rome wasn't built in a day" driving him.

But sometimes you build it and they don't come.

I am fortunate right now that I have an audience who enjoy, interact and inspire the content I create. It is all any content creator could wish for, but the ambition has always been to grow and blossom into a hub for gaming videos with a following that reflects the quality therein. I am a firm believer that if you love something, show dedication and integrity to your convictions, you will eventually get paid to do it. That has not happened yet, but I'm a romantic in my aspirations.

So until that time comes this will be an avenue for people to support and help build the Empire with me. There is no mandate or fine print. Simply a place for people who believe in the channel and want to give by tossing their coin into the Artist's proverbial hat. 

What will I do with your patronage?

Hookers and blackjack. Clearly.

I am always looking to increase my quality, broaden my coverage, and bring the finest videos to the best channel on Youtube that nobody knows about. And all of those things burn resources. I do not work for a gaming media or have any affiliation to game developers, so every game you see was purchased by me or gifted by subscribers - a tall order in the busiest months of the gaming calendar.

I am also limited to the consoles from which I can provide coverage for. Next generation is looming and the logical step forward. Everything that is pledged will go into the channel and help bolster the wide selection of projects I create, widening the scope to feature all systems and opening new doors.

Having read this far do not feel any unnecessary pressure to pledge anything. The channel will not change. I will never limit content, or pander exclusivity. This is a choice. An opportunity to be part of something - selflessly - because you believe in it.

Thank you very much for your time.
You take care now.

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