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Rust - Scout

per month
You came, you saw, you sponsored!  Scouts receive special recognition in our community Discord, 80 duct tape per wipe, and access to the Admin AMA Lounge in Discord, and the in-game VIP lounge!

Scouts can also enjoy a one-time makeover, allowing them to get their gear customized from the skin library every wipe!
Includes Discord benefits

Conan - Exile

per month

Exiles who have established themselves in the world have mastered the basics of survival, and in addition to special recognition on Discord, receive access to a number of kits to make their lives easier in Conan Exiles!

- A single-use Thespian NPC for free (more can be purchased in-game).  Use them to decorate your base, work as a merchant, or write your own quests for interactive play, representing a loyal follower in-game!
- Once-per-day delivery of money from your companion's adventures!
- Once-per-day food kit that includes nourishing, long-lasting food and drink to help them survive the harsh in-game environments.
- Once-per-week collection of potions to give temporary buffs, as well as to enable the player to re-specialize their character's skills and feats for free.
- Twice-per-month dye kit that includes a selection of colors and warpaints, allowing the character to customize their look without the need for tracking down ultra-rare components and thralls!
- Once-per-month decor kit, including an assortment of decorative items for your base, as well as randomly-selected Skelos Monk attire and a sandstorm breathing mask!

Includes Discord benefits

Master Scout

per month

The Master Scout gets access to the $1 Subscription tier in ALL current and future Serenity Valley Gaming game servers!

Includes Discord benefits



About Serenity Valley Gaming

We are so glad you've found us, and thank you for looking into becoming a patron of Serenity Valley. Whether you choose to subscribe to one of these categories or you just checking on what we're doing, we feel so passionately and so strongly about what we're doing and what we're bringing into the gaming world that it means everything that you're even here and looking into what we're doing.

Serenity Valley is a community of gamers, streamers, and servers that strive to be a place where the rampant harmful and toxic behaviors that are so often considered an accepted part of gaming are held at bay by a caring, compassionate administrative staff working tirelessly to ensue that there's a positive, uplifting place to play games and enjoy everything from survival games and first person shooters to casual gaming without the barrage of negativity and bigotry that so often go hand-in-hand with those games. We wouldn't go so far as to declare our servers a "safe space," because these games often center around conflict with one another--but it's certainly a space where a measure of human respect and dignity can be expected and enjoyed by patrons and free players, alike.

In addition to cultivating one of the most positive gaming communities online, our administrators and moderators are constantly, tirelessly crafting events, economies, and narratives to add an extra layer of life, excitement, and inspiration to these game worlds--so even if you choose not to become a patron, please feel welcome to drop in and spend some time with us! We're always happy to have a new neighbor.

And hey--if you like what we're doing, but you cannot or do not want to commit to a monthly subscription, that's fine too! We have other ways to support the community simply by being here and taking part in activities, or coming and playing on any of our hosted servers for Rust, Conan, FiveM, Valheim, Neverwinter Nights, or whatever else pops up!  All of these give you access to some of the same benefits earned by our patrons, and help us to grow into an ever bigger, better community. Whether you're just looking to join us and bring more faces to the community, joining us with a donation, or adding your name to our growing list of patrons, please give us a visit and join us for what is swiftly becoming online gaming's most positive, most enjoyable online gaming experiences.
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New World:  Serenity Valley will open its first server for a new game, to be voted on by the community when the goal is unlocked!
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