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This is where it all begins!

I thank you for your support and I am very glad that you enjoy the content enough to want to help the channel grow.
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About SergeantWayne

I will be giving you guys content everyday that I can. Right now I stream as much as possible. I hope to be entertaining and helpful in many ways. I mainly focus on chat interaction and having fun so if you like what you see and want to support the channel and help it grow this is a way to do that. This will Help to build the stream and hopefully one day make this my day job where I can bring you guys the content and community that I envision the channel having. Thanks to you all.
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It is not that easy to do this everyday there is alot of work and thought that goes into the channel and many other things. If we hit this goal it will be used as support and also for other things like game servers and teamspeak servers that we have currently and will be adding in the future. Thanks to everyone for helping with my dream.
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