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About Serinion Studio Sims 4

Hi ! Welcome to my Patreon.
I’m Serinion, I created many mods and objects on ModTheSims
The main reason for making mods is that I just love to use my creativity to make new things for The Sims 4.

Why should you consider being a Patron?

First of all, becoming a Patron is a choice. You're completely free to choose for yourself if you want to support me a bit more or not.
You can see it as a "tip" for the time and work I put into making these free mods for everyone to enjoy (both Patrons as non-Patrons).

In return, as a way of saying thank you to those who give me that extra support, there will be some small "rewards" with exclusive objects.

Usefull notes about Patreon:

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