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I’m Kanene Ayo Holder, an award winning educator, satirist and activist. And I’m Aixa Kendrick, an award winning actress, writer, director and activist. This past June 2018 we premiered THE SITCHAASSDOWN FOCUS GROUP TOUR show about race and gentrification off-broadway at ARS NOVA Theater Space this summer which was a SOLD OUT success! Within this multimedia extravaganza we highlighted our first #BlackIssuesISSUES interactive focus group experience introducing the blenomenal hosts RebLACKa Finch Senior Editor at Black Vanity Fair Is and Gibson DecaTOUR Senior Editor at Vogue Noir NOW who announced they were embarking on a new diversity initiative within Condé Nast creating a premiere new magazine called #BlackIssuesISSUES. BlackIssuesISSUES is A FICTITIOUS MAGAZINE about A REALITY that is ALL TOO REAL for ALL THE WRONG REASONS. RebLACKa and Gibson are a black female version of Men On Film and Ab Fab, two ridiculously wild and in your face editor hosts in search of issues affecting "The Blackness" locally and globally. 

Unlike the usual editorial role and rote, #BlackIssuesISSUES pulls heavily from our audiences both live and streamed, curating "copious notes" and content to include in our fictitious issues. RebLACKa and Gibson conduct on-the-beat focus groups worldwide gathering #hottopics, #viralposts, #unpopularopinions, #blackfactoids, #memes and #more to feature within #BlackIssuesISSUES and relish the chance to engage audiences in their focus group. All of BlackIssuesISSUES' productions feature interactive software that poll audiences in real time about tasty topics that feed voracious discussions with good food, libacious beverages and silly sexy vibes ala a #SeriouslySillySpeakEasy! 

We started this Patreon because we're getting A LOT of POSITIVE FEEDBACK about our innovative way of engaging audiences with our kooky characters and their edgy energy. We have now expanded to produce live events, videos and podcasts to fulfill our every growing artistic vision. Some of #BlackIssuesISSUES upcoming events listed here:
1/18/19 - SCHOMBURG Black Comic Con - hosting on site - #BLACK SCI FI, #AFROFUTURISM
1/19/19.- WOMEN’S MARCH INC - live on the scene #MeTOO #Feminism #activism
2/7-10/19 - FASHION WEEK!!! - Special Guest: Yasmine Yasmine; hosting on the scene interviews, pics & video at runways, afterparties, etc.; #FASHION, #style, #VOGUE, #couture, #AnnaWintour, #AndreLeonTally, #popculture, #PryorMoss, #design, blicons #PastPresentFuture
2/14/19 - VALENTINE'S SELF LOVE INTERACTIVE FASHION EVENT @ Defend Brooklyn - Special Guests: Alex Wright, Stupid Black Girl, Nikki Brown; #Valentine’sDay, #love, #BlackLove, #selflove, #DFBK, #BrooklynLove, #heartsforarts, #lovelooksgoodonyou!
2/15/19 - FASHION WEEK CONTINUES - COUTURE DAY - Special Guest: Yasmine Yasmine; hosting on the scene interviews, pics, video, etc specifically on the history of couture, what IS couture? Black couture? #History #PanAfricanCouture
2/16/19 - PEOPLES FORUM - Special Guest: Kei @blackboikei; Prison Reform; #prison #NewJimCrow #MeekMill #NoNewJails
2/21/19 - BLACK GOTHAM - NERDY THURSDAYS #BlackGotham #Slavery #WallStreet #Woke
7/13/19 - BLERD CITY 2019, Brooklyn NYC -  #blerd #nerdlife #blackcomics

Our work is distributed free on Facebook Live or performances/workshops at non-profit organizations. We're expanding into the international market, reaching a larger audience with content that has a higher production value. So we need your help to keep building! YAY!!! It’s incredibly rewarding to see audiences debate, shift, laugh and cry in real time as they watch the results flash across the screen. Why is America so divided right now? Because many people only seek out opinions that reinforce their own, but BlackIssuesISSUES is becoming a powerful multimedia vehicle to hear new ideas, meet new people and start new movements. with interactive audiences which I call #SeriouslySilly #LaughAndLearns.

Your support will:
...allow us to collaborate with other funky fresh creatives and PAY THEM for their work... us lay the groundwork to inspire the inner artivist in us all... 
...allow us to continue making personal, accessible, funny, funky and hyperlocal political commentary through videos, live events and podcasts... 

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