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You will be featured at the end of any video that comes out~ You will also be given a role in my server. Thanks!

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You will get a head shot drawing of whatever character you would like!

you will also get wips drawings from animation memes or series!

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you now have a choice of a head shot or body shot!(nothing nsfw pls) You will ALSO be able to join a secret chat for only patreons! you will also be able to chat with me if you want!




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Hey! glad you stopped to read!,Here you will see wisteria,Light and background story ( of characters) spoilers! PLEASE do not leak any exclusive stuff that's not nice,The money i earn will go to family and my needs. 
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YES the price is very high! that's because i would like to visit my friends In america <3 that is my biggest goal! and i will try to vlog whenever i reach my goal :) (If you know the actually price for tickets to america pls dm me <3)
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