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About Seth Faergolzia

Who am I?  My name is Seth Faergolzia.
Art-work is my lifestyle. I’ve been writing, recording, touring and composing as an independent musician, acting as booking agent, promoter, designer, engineer, secretary, videographer… and the list goes on. The work keeps me going, a drive to create keeps me working.

I reside in Rochester, New York, where I head multiple music projects including:  23 PsaegzForest Creature, and my newest project, Multibird.

Once, I led a band called Dufus. We were part of the original Anti-Folk scene in NYC, receiving critical acclaim in the New York TimesVillage VoiceSpex GermanyVice, to name a few.  This is some great artwork by Jeffrey Lewis from the Dufus release In Monstrous Attitude on ROIR.

Besides my intense folk rock music, I’ve also had diverse projects such as a giant-puppet rock opera, electronic music, loop station compositions, paintings, sculptures, theater and even solo acoustic songs. I’ve hung visual art in many cities perform 100 shows per year.

Most recently, I wrote #100songs then produced 50 of them over the course of a year. All of those songs are a perk just for signing up to my Patreon page!

I LOVE MY FANS!!!!  They become my friends!

I love my intimate fan base and feel honored to have the opportunity to connect with other humans around the world. I know my fans. You are smart, fun loving humans on the front line of the warmest aspects of humanity. It's all about being true our fantastically weird, super-real experiences and ridiculous dreams. This work is for ME & for YOU, not to fulfill some corporate agenda. Ask any one of my followers;  I always do my best to stay in touch personally. This Patreon project is one of intense artistic growth, which I'm proud to share with you, step by step.

I deeply respect the artist-patron model.

I have been blessed with such diverse support throughout my career, and am excited by the global potential of this platform to forge bonds with folks from near and far.

We’ve had 4 successful Kickstarter campaigns.  I love that you’ve helped us reach lofty goals. This site is for the little steps.  I want to make grand things happen, which means each step of the way needs funding;  that’s why Patreon works.  We are not just making one album or one video;  we're building a legacy!

You, the PATRON, are a mighty pillar, granting me the strength, stability, and time to focus on creating my most honest work then to be given directly to you, fresh out of the oven.

These Milestone Goals represent work I have done in the past and what your monthly donation will help to achieve.  I’ve always dreamed way beyond my means and am hoping this ongoing support will allow me the freedom to bring some very big-dream, long-term goals to life.

Subscriber Song - $200 per month  {GOAL REACHED!!!}
Music Video - $300 per month  {GOAL REACHED!!!}
Webisodes of Puppet Rock Opera - $500 per month
Monthly Webisodes of Fun Wearing Underwear the Musical - $1,000 per month
Songbook Release - $1,500 per month
Proper Video Production Equipment - $2,000 per month
We Can Finally Hire Assistants - $4,000 per month
Full Length Movie - $6,000 per month
We Will Open a Music / Theater Venue - $25,000 per month

Projects & what to expect
I will design and execute VIDEOS to compliment 10 of the #100 songs which I completed in my last ongoing patron project.  I will also begin an ongoing series with my puppet-rock-opera, 23 Psaegz. It will consist of webisode installments over the next few years, later to be pieced into a single full-length film.  Insider VLOGS, unreleased songs, tutorials and compositions.  All said, I’ll be posting 1-3 things per month. 

Thanks a lot for stopping by, and I hope you’ll consider supporting my art.
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