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As a Scribe, you'll be recognized for making codicology Sexy! Your name will appear in the "Patrons" page on Sexy Codicology website.

Plus you know how to write. Or maybe you copy the shapes you see in the manuscripts next to you. We don't know, but you are awesome in both cases.

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About Sexy Codicology

Hey! It's us, Giulio & Marjolein, a.k.a "The Sexy Codicology Team!"

We are the two guys behind everything you see at Sexy Codicology: the blog, the  DMMapp, the Facebook Page, Twitter, etc. We never could have thought that Sexy Codicology would ever develop into anything more than a small Facebook page with some 50 likes and a small blog with a couple of views a day... Yet, lo and behold, here we are with a blog with thousands of viewers, a project that is actually useful to the community, videos, and x2000 more likes on the page.

Very proud! Yet we want to contribute and do more!

"How can I help?"

Becoming our patron helps us attend more conferences and presenting our findings on the interconnection between medieval manuscripts, internet, and social media. If you have been following us for a while, you may know that the Sexy Codicology blog may go a few weeks (*cough* months *cough*) without anything being posted. Worry not! We are always there, behind our PCs, researching, coding, writing notes, discussing how we can help research somehow. It just takes times to do things well. Festina Lente!

Your contributions also helps us covering the costs that come from having a website online; for example: when we will hit 2000 subscribers on our mailing list, the costs will go up 30 euro per month.

Specifically, you help us pay:
  • Hosting fees for and
  • Attending conferences, where we speak about what we have discovered with our projects
  • All the small things that go with managing a project, such as the coffee needed when things go wrong online.
If you think we are worth 1$ a month, here's your great chance to help us!

"What can I expect of the Patreon page?"

Well... We will continue writing articles and posts, even if nothing comes from here. We simply love to do so. Our objective was, is, and will always be to make people care for manuscripts, help people discover them, and, hopefully, study them in the future. If we find out something interesting, we will publish it everywhere we can, without paywalls of any kind. Culture belongs to everyone, and if we learn a thing or two about manuscripts, we will share it.
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Monthly blog post!
Interesting, informative, and fun blog posts about your favorite manuscripts. With all the reference for anyone who is interested to go and study further what we typed.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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