is creating better welfare for cats in Singapore

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Hi everyone! We are your friendly neighbourhood pussies from Singapore. We are cute, loveable and ever so ready to be adopted by you.

We really enjoy just living our lives, and welcome you taking photographs and videos of us. Check out what we look like on our Facebook page and Website.

However, being a cat is difficult. Especially if we have no home, because it takes up time and money to care for us. Plus, by joining our exclusive community, we’re able to spread the word about our plight and eventually move into our new homes with you. Depending on the tier you’re subscribed to, you can enjoy all the perks of owning a cat like playing, feeding, and just lazing around with us!

Every dollar you pledge to us is highly appreciated and we promise that we will put them to good use to continue creating a better society for cats in Singapore. Thanks for your contribution in advance!

The benefits offered are not real, but the satisfaction of saving our lives is. Cat Welfare Society needs over $60,000 a month to run at full capacity. Your support is critical to us because it allows us to sustain our:

1. Sterilisation Programmes
2. Mediation Efforts
3. Educational Outreach

This initiative is by GOODSTUPH. All donations go direct to Cat Welfare Society.

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We’ll give our first 100 patrons free hand exfoliation sessions in the form of licks.
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