is creating sexy girls and cute stuff I guess
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About Shadako

Hello guys, Shadako here! <3

  • Thank you for visiting my site! :3 I'm an artist from germany who doodles away whenever time allows it! With art being currently my only income however, and me having to pay for university somehow... Well, if you happen to like my works, want to see more of the stuff I do, or just want to support me, becoming a patron of mine would be greatly appreciated! :3

  • Why should you become a patron? You can become a patron simply because you are an amazingly nice person and you want to support aspiring artists! ^//^ Of course you will get access to all kinds of neat other stuff as a bonus! So why don't you click that "become a patron" button and make this girl here very, very happy? :3

  • How to? It's really simple, you just follow the instructions of the site and chose the amount of money you would like to pledge! You will be charged at the beginning of every month and you will receive your tier's perks! I send out links for the current reward files at the start of the following month! :3 [Get discord rewards? Here's how:]

- It's easy! You chose one of the rewards that includes a request drawing. Next, you wait till your first pledge goes through. The payment has been made? Great! ^//^ Now feel free to send me a message along the lines "What I'd like as my request: ...".

Example: "I'd like a pic of [Name] from ... (link with reference if you have, wearing a sexy swimsuit like: (link). Thanks!" Of course you can include any other information you'd might have, its just an example for those of you who might be insecure about how to make a request at all. :)

You don't have to wait for me to approach you, please just send me a message! ^_^

Last but not least: All characters in my drawings are above the age of 18! All sexual actions are consensual! Also, everything I create is fiction! :3
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If we should make it to this amazing goal I'll be doing 2 patreon voted pictures per month! Second one will be couple/yuri pic voting! :3
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