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See my latest work before anyone else! I'll post selected works here at least a few days before FurAffinity!
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If I have at least one supporter on this level, I'll aim to write at least one personal, non-commission story a month! You'll aso be credited for those stories, plus you'll also get early access to...

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Exactly as it says on the tin - Once a month, I'll set up a night where we sit around a file on Google Docs and get a TF commission done for you! Plus you'll also receive the previous rewards!

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Pages of Arania's House of Horrors comic, funded by myself and several others, will be posted up to here BEFORE they're posted to Arania's website or our FA pages! By pledging to this tier, you'll ...

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This tier covers the monthly payments towards the 'House of Horrors' Arania TF comic planned by a group of friends and myself.

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