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Every dollar helps bring the game one step closer to completion! This is all I'm asking to gain access to any concept or unreleased finished art from the game I share in the Discord server or more interesting posts here.




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My name is Fox English, and first of all I would like thank you for visiting my Patreon page for Shadowdawn: Genesis!

I have always dreamed of making video games for a living: I've been making and planning games of various scales since the days when Commodore machines were considered cutting edge and the Nintendo Entertainment System was paving the cultural framework gaming would recall for decades to come. Beginning in late 2016 I've refocused on creating a full-fledged RPG that I can bring to market, with vibrant hand-drawn graphics and a robust custom engine that gives me a lot of tools and fresh approaches to gameplay and design. Shadowdawn: Genesis already has a rich, original story and a vibrant cast; now it's just a matter of getting things drawn, coded and polished.

What do your pledges get? I can promise art, either from the game (direct assets or concepts and scenes inspired by the game) and random fan art that I use for practice and for fun. Sometimes this may be exclusive to the Patreon, sometimes it may be a rough sketch, or sometimes it may be a fully-colored scene. But the art is secondary. The true benefit to your pledges is that, collectively, they help me get closer to a release, giving me more time to devote to the game which will let me release it faster and without having to cut any corners. The world of Shadowdawn means a lot to me; I'll say now that this game is definitely not the end of the saga I want to share with you all. I want to use my passion to make a game that I can be proud of and that I hope can resonate with its audience.
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This is the bare minimum necessary for me to work on the game full-time independently. This covers my living expenses as well as recurring server, cloud app, and maintenance charges. Significant support after this milestone will go towards hiring and/or contracting art talent to assist in the creation of assets to speed up the process, as well as put toward any fees and licensing required to achieve eligibility to develop on the Nintendo and Sony platforms.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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