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A big thank you from me and from Friend Computer for supporting the random nonsense I do ^^

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The Computer thanks you for your loyalty and while this elevated tier doesn't add any special benefits please feel free to join me on discord and chat from time to time :D

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The Computer thanks you for your frankly worrying levels of loyalty shown at this level and while this further elevated tier doesn't really add any special benefits either please know that I am honored and grateful for your pledge and urge you to join me on discord and chat from time to time :D 

Pledging at this level will also mean that should you wish and I have some spare time I will attempt to teach you how to play mahjong, though this could easily be seen as a drawback ^^




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About Shadowhawk2012

Good day peoples of the YouTube, random watchers and other assorted people, hello and welcome to my Patreon page for my various Let's Play related projects and schemes.

Let's Playing and more recently recording my Pen and Paper RPG games has been a hobby that I have enjoyed doing for the past 5 years and I play to continue making videos for as long as this continues to be the case.

Please note that I don't mind at all if no money at all comes from this as money has never been a motivation behind the channel, any money earned through this will be put towards games and miscellaneous equipment that needs replacing though in both cases this is a cost I am more then happy to do myself.

This pledge wont ever be used to give access to special content videos and everything that goes on my channel will be open to all regardless. In addition I wont be offering any rewards except mine and Friend Computer's gratitute.

If you would prefer to make a one-off donation my paypal is listed at the bottom of the description on most of my videos.

Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy whatever random and silly things I put out on YouTube and Twitch in the future.

Many Thanks

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I will finally do what I have been promising for a while and create a set of videos dedicated to teaching you all how to play Riichi Mahjong
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