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Hello Everyone!

Thanks for visiting my Patreon, I am a hobby digital artist and web developer that is creating a series called Dual Sword God and a few other original stories online. I am not a professional writer so my skills won't be the best, but I thought it would be pretty fun to add writing to my hobbies list as its always fun to try something new :)
I hope you guys enjoy it, feel free to critique and share with your friends if you like my content.
I will also occasionally post artworks in my free time.

My Official Website:


Currently, my aim is to release maybe 1 - 3 chapters every day for the series with occasional artworks posted depending on my free time. I shall be posting the chapters of each book in two forms, one will be in bulk while the other will be posted as separate chapters on this site and will be available for all patrons of specific tiers to read.

Bulk release books will be accessible to all as a $10 tier with 5 - 10 chapters ahead of daily release.
Normal released chapters will be accessible to all for a minimum of $3 dollars.

As for the Alternate Tales, and other book series they will be offered as Exclusives for $20 patrons and above who want to explore a little bit deeper into the lore of the Dual Sword God series as well as read my other stories before they are released to anyone else.
There are many different incentives offered to $20+ patrons and above, such as Printed Book Copies, T-Shirts, Mugs,  Wallpapers, Posters and etc. If you find one to your liking, please feel free to become one of the Top Tier patrons to support this series.

If you do choose to support me financially here on Patreon, Thank You very much I will do my best to keep you entertained!  If you're also not sure about how Patreon works, please do check out the Patreon FAQ for more info!

Dual Sword God 

Choose which format to read online as listed below:

DSG Book 1 - Nirvana Rebirth
Bulk Chapters -
 Book 1
Individual Chapters - Prologue

DSG Book 2 - The Door of an Ancient Kingdom
 Bulk Chapters - Book 2
Individual Chapters - Chapter 29

DSG Book 3 -The Chosen's War Command
Bulk Chapters - | Book 3
Individual Chapters - Chapter 77

DSG Book 4 - The Conqueror of Zones

Bulk Chapters - | Book 4
Individual Chapters - Chapter 122

DSG Book 5 - Mysteries of the Eastern Land

Bulk Chapters - | Book 5
Individual Chapters - Chapter 182

DSG Book 6 - The Journey to the Southern Wastelands
Bulk Chapters - | Book 6
Individual Chapters - Chapter 241

DSG Book 7 - ???????
Bulk Chapters - Book 7
Individual Chapters - Chapter 283

--------------------AlternateTales and Side Stories----------------------
Exclusive Tales & Stories
Chronicle of Lightning | Book 1
19 of 50 patrons
Once I reach this point every week ill start to provide roughly 2 extra chapter for Dual Sword God per week.
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