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About The Shadows Crew

Hello, lovely people! If you're reading this we assume you've already heard of us somewhere. So let us start by saying that we appreciate your interest. Please, sit back and allow us to explain who we are and why we're here asking for your kind patronage.

On November 27, 2010, on a little website called Roleplay Gateway, one particularly bored user by the name Blackbird26 started a roleplay. It was a simple premise, not that many plot ideas, and a general "eh, this is gonna last for about a week" mentality. Shadows of The Enlightened wasn't anything ambitious. It wasn't conceived as anything other than a way to practice writing and pass the time. And, like many other things in life, none of that went exactly according to plan.

Now, here we are, two sequels and over one million words later (yes, really), ready to take on the monumental task of transforming this jumbled mess of medieval badassery we created into something more coherent. This, dear readers, is where your help comes in.

Our Premise

The Shadows Series is a medieval fantasy series set in the land of Valcrest; a mysterious little country where magic users are everywhere, assassins hide in the shadows, no place is truly safe and nothing is exactly what it seems to be. It primarily consists of three stories that make up an overarching plot but will also include other stories that, while in a way connected, will involve a separate cast of characters or will take place in a different time of Valcrest's history.

Our Commitment

This whole thing started as a roleplay. What few readers we already have now, have been enjoying this story for free and we have no intention of changing that. The Shadows Series and every story we may come to write in this Universe will always be available in its entirety, and 100% free of charge. Our pledge to you is that we'll continue writing this series to its conclusion (if we can ever really be done with it) no matter what.

Where You Come In

The reason we decided to come to Patreon is the fact that making this happen is no small task. We are due for a lot of work with this series. Work that we will have to balance with a number of other things, such as making a living. So, the math is simple: the more pledges we get, the more time we can put into writing and the more we'll be able to offer. Our current rewards are fairly simple, but we definitely have some interesting ideas to set in motion once our community starts to grow. If we are able, with your help, to accomplish some of those goals, we'll be sure to share them here first of all. Some of these plans include:

- Custom character art and illustrations.
- An illustrated mythology book
- A custom card game
- An illustrated Reference Guide in order to encourage more writers to create their own stories in this Universe (and hopefully share them with us).

As you may be able to tell, a lot of these plans involve hiring artists and dedicating even more time and work than we'll already be putting into maintaining our stories, but in the long run, we want to do more than just tell stories. Valcrest started in a roleplay group and even though there's only two of us left now, every little contribution by every individual in that group remains today as a part of our world. Would it still exist without them? Probably. Would it be exactly what it is today? Definitely not. And at the end of the day, we want to encourage others to be a part of this with us. To create their own adventures and share them with their friends. Because that's how all of this began for us: a group of friends and an idea.

Our Projects

  • Shadows Rise (set between the years of 2524 and 2529): Read here or follow us to be notified of new chapters.
  • Shadows Trilogy Part One - Shadows of The Enlightened: TBA
  • Shadows Trilogy Part Two - Shadows of The Past: TBA
  • Shadows Trilogy Part Three - Shadows of The Forgotten: TBA
  • Yet-to-be-named prequel story: TBA

Visit Written In Shadows to know more about Valcrest and us.
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With this amount we can start commissioning some character art. And as an extra, we'll look into making some character themed desktop wallpapers so some of you can fulfill their dream of having Sexy Gerald on every desktop. :P
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