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Adoration // deep love and respect

This tier is my virtual "tip jar" where you can support my efforts toward the community and send me a little monetary magic and virtual adoration! 

This tier includes:

*time-lapse yoga practice, witchy rituals meditations & rope/kink videos

*Access to fun GIFs created throughout the month

*Journal prompts

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 Activation // the action or process of making something active or operative

Access to all lower level benefits in addition to: 

*An ever evolving GIF folder of fun, adventure, sensuality and ritual

*Select rope date photo sets and processing journaling 

*Peak asana (yoga pose) breakdown for body awareness 

*Monthly meditation suggestion

*Monthly journal prompt and personal reflections 

*Monthly tie or kink breakdown in safety, processing and making a ritual 

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Creation // the action or process of bringing something into existence 

Access to all lower level benefits in addition to: 

access to the entire monthly kink journal -  Bhakti Bondage. This journal will include more in depth delivery of the previous tiers as well as:

*FULL Photo Sets with Bonus Content 

*Personal journaling around a monthly theme

*Journal prompts and suggestions for your processing

*A yoga practice for self and body awareness + pose breakdown

* Full meditation practice and breakdown of meditation technology

*Access to audio and video discussions on various kink specific concepts relating to intention, ritual and awareness of social justice

*Personal playlist/song suggestions for practice 

*Ability to submit to be featured in Bhakti Bondage

*Discounted distance wellness coaching with Shakti Bliss 

About Shakti Bliss

Devotional worship of the self.
Sacred ritual
Conscious Kink.

The evaluation & processing of sensation and magnification of an ethereal moment.
The ultimate cultivation of divine power as a path to bliss.

Full of curated content for the curious & conscious kinkster interested in harnessing their energetic power, expanding their consciousness and empowering their capabilities by gaining tools to better care for themselves and others through their adventure and play. Bhakti Bondage merges Western anatomy, yogic philosophy, energetic awareness, and mindful Shibari/Kinbaku to open a doorway to safe & grounded exchange, while exploring devotional rope work true to BDSM dynamics.

This Patreon page is the home extensive content and rewards in exchange for your pledge. You will receive everything from writings, discussions, videos, yoga practices, rope & rituals to create a powerful dynamic, enhance your connective kink experience, and/or heighten your body awareness; as well as opportunities to receive a personalized practice, one-on-one discussion and much more!

About Shakti Bliss Bunny,
Red Tent Witch, Rope Doula & Kinky sWitch
Shakti Bliss Bunny (or B) is an educational facilitator, bodyworker, activist and indigenous witch from Austin, Texas. As a rope bottom she enjoys pushing herself mentally and physically while also balancing self care, self awareness and self study to further her journey and ride the fluidity of her philosophies of life. As a new rope top, Bliss has enjoyed exploring the pairing of nurturing sides of her personality with the desire to challenge and empower bottoms through their own struggle and process.
Through her education, activism and spiritual work she hopes to increase visibility and representation for people of color in kink as well as to add a fresh perspective to the ritual of rope, interpersonal connection and the handling of the physical and energetic bodies.

Video Shot & Edited by JoeyShibari

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