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If you give us 5 dollars a month, right now its just for the love but we soon will find a way to pay you all back!
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We wish we could lower the price... But the shirts cost us a little over bucks a piece. Sorry for inconvenience! The front says "Shamalamadingdong The Series" and the back says "Thank you!" and will have our signatures on the front and thank you on the back.
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If you donate 50 dollars we can have you as a background actor for one of our episodes and you will also get a signed t-shirt by us. Must be 18+




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About dbomb5800

Hello! My name is Danuel (dbomb5800) me and a couple friends wanna create a series which right now we are calling "Shamalamadingdong" but the name will most likely change. Its about two detectives trying to find a killer, its gonna be a comedy but at points it will be serious. I think that with you're help we can make our series great! Thank you for checking us out! Below is a little project video that we did!
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If we get 500 dollars per month we will start talking and doing some behind the scenes with you guys and start the production on our series behind the doors, start actually buying the equipment for our series!
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