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The Money Fire

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If you donate at this tier for any single month while I'm working on a video, your name will be featured in the credit sequence at the end of the video. You'll also get a Patreon Backer role on the official Shammy Discord server, which'll give you access to an exclusive text and voice channel.
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The Money Inferno

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Same rewards as the $5 tier, but you get an additional Discord role that changes the color of your name in the server slightly. Purely aesthetic.
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Big Guy

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Just a flex, honestly.
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About Shammy

Anyone subscribed for a decent amount of time will know that I tend to have a bit of an "unconventional" approach to making content on YouTube, and I'd like to keep that approach up to some degree as I think it's what sets my channel apart from most. This Patreon is designed to help me keep the lights on so I can afford to take the time I like to on my videos.

That said, at the time of writing I'm not happy with the length of time my current videos have been taking, so I'm scaling them back slightly to get back on track with a more regular schedule. The current idea is a video every 1-3 months, which is still a lot slower than most people on the site but not as ridiculous as the stupidity it's been spiralling out into.

I've always been very against putting actual content behind a paywall, since I know what my schedule is like and I don't think that's fair. So, here's how the rewards for this Patreon are going to work going forward:


Pretty simple, anyone who donates at the $5 tier for any month during a video's production (and is charged) will have their name featured in the credit sequence that I worked on with the amazing Narndraws (, Wuggynaut ( and Fuji (


The top 2 "Producers" slots at the very beginning of the credits are reserved for the highest lifetime donors, listing them first is just my way of thanking them for long term support.

The next 3 listed names are the top 3 highest donors for that specific video's production time frame, obviously moving down the list from the two highest lifetime if they happen to be in both camps.


The Discord server can be found at here, and is open to anyone who would like to join. Being a backer simply gives you a flair to show that you're a supporter.


Pretty simple, occasional updates on video progress will be posted on here free for anyone to read.

Hope that covers everything if you have any questions I'm pretty reachable on here, Twitter, or via email. Finally, I just want to thank everyone who supports either here or by watching/sharing the videos, y'all are amazing <3

$1,391.16 of $2,000 per month
At this point I will reasonably be able to cover my base expenses for putting food in my body and a roof over my head and can focus on expansion over just making rent, this is a long way off but I figure that's what goals are for anyways.
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