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I'm grateful, truly I am. Every dollar does count and I'm just glad you could share it with me.
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Now you're just spoiling me! Oh dear what do I do, what do I do?!
  • You'll see sketches and designs here in their most raw form before being digitalized! D-dreaded paper and pencil..
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You r-really don't have to do this..I'm feeling so shy right now.. so on top of the perks from the $5..
  • You'll receive both " My Self Exile " and " Arbinel and the dark dreamers "
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About Shane Frost

Hello! I wanted to thank you for taking the time. You didn't have to but I'm glad you did. My name is Shane Frost and I'm an artist as well as writer, and I've spent more than ten years now doing what I love. Before I get into all that though.. I wanted to ask you a question if that's okay..?

Have you ever just stopped believing in yourself? Have people just..gotten to you? Are there days where you just sat there staring at the paper without a word? Maybe you're not feeling so good
about you right now and I'm sorry if you are. I want you to give yourself a moment though and hopefully feel better soon.
                             So what is all this then? Why the question?
Well, for a lot of years I've struggled with depression, anxiety, anger, and loneliness. I've been to many art communities and I've seen people with the same struggles. That's why a lot of the work I do focuses on that negativity, and offers support, advice, and encouragement in miniature visual projects and comics. For a lot of people, they can feel lost in a sea of uncertainty, and that can lead to...many troubling experiences. I know what its like and more than anything I want to be the next reason you feel better about yourself, not worse.

why should I support your Patreon?
Oh golly, well I'm not going to force your hand on this. I've just always gotten by, you know? Nearly all of my projects and art has been both available and free for everyone for many years, and that is never going to change. Now and again though things do get tight on finance so this is my way of reaching out and asking for support back. For anyone who is familiar with me, I update often and host a variety of both unique digital works and comics weekly if not daily! I'll also be offering rewards and surprises now and again because who does not love either of those? I know a lot of us are giving, and that we sometimes wish we could offer help to those in need, but I don't want you to feel obligated about this.
You've been good to me by just taking the time now and reading thank you.

So how about some examples for us then?
You're right! Oh dear, I feel so rude not doing this sooner!


With nearly 4000+ uploads and growing still!

Mini Projects!

With fourteen emotionally supportive projects, and more to come!


With series like " Life can Succubus " " I can be a princess!" " A bat followed me home "
and mini comics, what could possibly go wrong?!

By making any pledge to myself, you are supporting all of this!!!
So I hope you will join me and be the next reason I can smile.

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