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This may seem like just a token to you, but to me, this is everything.  By pledging one dollar per video, you are helping to make magic happen.... 

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  • You also get my eternal gratitude... 
Christmas Anyone?
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Thank you! You are Amazing!
  • If you pledge $3 per song, you will get an mp3 of my version of The Christmas Song! I know, I know. It's not exactly Christmas time right now, but I say it's always a good time for chestnuts roasting on an open fire
  • Plus all previous rewards
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You are such a Rock Star.  Seriously, Thank you!

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About Shanna Gilfix

Hey, my name is Shanna Gilfix and this is my Patreon Page. You probably have some questions for me, so here are a few of them answered :) Please, feel free to ask more!  Especially if they're slightly unusual.  I like those the most...

What does Patreon even mean?
It means you can directly support any artist you care about. Remember times of yore? When nobles paid for the musicians and artists in their keep? You get to be the noble! And I'm the musician :)

How do I sign up?
Top right corner. There's a button.

How much should I give?
You should give as much or as little as you like. Even $1 is more than I could make on Spotify in 1,000 plays... You could even become a Dream Maker and pledge $1,000 per video. Or anywhere in between! Entirely up to you. The incentives do get cooler the more you pledge.

Is there a way to pledge a dollar amount that you haven't listed?
Yes!  You can pick whichever tier you like, then change the pledge amount to whatever you'd like.  It just can't be lower than the tier reward.  Happy pledging :)

How fast can I sign up?

That depends... How fast can you right-click? 

How much music will there be?
I will be posting about once or twice per month.

But what if you post more than that? 
Don't worry, you can cap what you are willing to pledge each month.  

How awesome will this be for me?
It'll be kind of like that ride where you go REALLY high up into the air, and then you're pulled toward the earth at incredible speeds only to slow down just in time to land safely back on solid ground... So, pretty awesome. 
For me, it will be game changing...  Beyond awesome.. so, thank you.

Will there be photos?
Yes. Yes there will be photos.

Will this material be available anywhere else?
Some, yes, some, no. 

Why should I pay for it if I can get it for free on YouTube? (most of it)
Because you feel some connection to me and to the music I make.
Because you want to see what I'll do next and you want to help me get there. 
Because you want to make a beautiful difference in my life.
Because you love. Because you care. 

Thank you!!!  You are beautiful :)

$238 of $500 per Music Video
With $500 per video, I can start hiring some kick-ass people to help me produce my music - helping me take it to the next level.  
I Love collaborating with insanely talented people, and this will help me to bring them on-board and pay them for their awesomeness.  

I think I'll also buy a Hang.  Those instruments are AMAZING.  If you haven't heard them already, I highly recommend that you do...

Thank you!!!
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