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About SharKittyInk

Hello and Welcome!
This account provides a way for people, like you, to support my art, which I hope inspires others heal and be happy.

I am a non binary artist of color. I live with anxiety, experience depression and have CPTSD.

I made this Patreon to share art and resources that inspire others to keep living, which helps motivate me to keep going. To do this I need your help and continued support.
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Cosmic Thank you!
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You are helping me create art that helps others! Even this small amount helps me create more and keeps my art accessible to those who really need it.

Stellar Supporter
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Thank you for supporting my art, and in doing so, helping others too. 

-Access to Suggestions and polls 

Ethereal Ally
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Thank you for supporting my art at this level. In doing so, you've become a wonderful ally and advocate of helping me help others heal and recover. This tier really helps keep the paywall down so those who need my art and resources can get it.

-Access to  Suggestions and polls 

-Credit at the end of a patron inspired artwork or comic

Astral Art Mail
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Not only are you supporting the healing of myself and others like the Stellar Supporters and the Ethereal Allies, I will also send you some art in the mail. Art can be in any form like a craft, art print or sticker(s). Who needs email when you can get Astral Art Mail!

-Access to  Suggestions and polls 

-Credit in one patron inspired artwork or comic

-Astral Art Mail

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