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Hi my real name is Albert Bao. People usually call me AB stands for Albert Bao. My fursona name is Shario Snowfur and I am Currently 18 years old. I’m an animator, writer, Musician and a Roblox game developer. I made an animated series called Rank Overpowered on YouTube. It’s a Chinese and Canadian Animated web series. I love drawing cute characters and cute stuff. Rank Overpowered is about Ranks leveling up from bronze to champion and it’s about having friends and be powerful. Ranks are a type of species. They can summon their abilities and their zodiac weapons. They can also fuse together into a fusion. There are type of ranks which is Human Rank, Fur or Furry Rank, Reptile or scalie Rank, Heart Horn Rank, and others. Rank species are unique. You can watch the series on YouTube and it’s free. But people mostly first watches episode 5 or 4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMFMWEqWsxo&t=214s
I made an eBook on wattpad called Alfred https://www.wattpad.com/story/136251754-alfred-sample
Weight: 52 kg
Height: 5'8
ethnicity: Chinese / Canadian and American citizen
Loves: Furries, cute creatures, amazing stories, furry anime, fancy lobby, and cute things
Hates: Rude Ignorant Memers (Alot), Restriction, Racism, and Specism (kinda similar to racism)
main language: English / Chinese / Japanese / Rankanese
born in: USA New york ithaca 2001 

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