Sharon Knight is creating Music, Art, and Video

New Songs!

$1 /mo
You get an ongoing stream of new music: New songs, improvisational whimsey (which we call Mermaid Kisses), chants, archives, alternate versions, live songs, cover songs - whatever the muse is servi...

Songs and Votes!

$5 /mo
This is the level we hope most folks will sign up for. It's an amount you probably won't miss, and will help our numbers grow faster.  At this level of support, we invite you to submit ideas f...

Love Notes from the Road!

$10 /mo
You get the new songs, and you get a vote on song themes, plus a deeper glimpse inside the creative process. This might be love notes from the road, photos, lyrics, or a piece of art I am working o...

Live Shows and Special Discounts!

$25 /mo
All of the above, PLUS free tickets for you and a friend to any live show I have the authority to grant (I probably can't get you into Faerieworlds, but house concerts, you betcha!) and 30% discoun...

Executive Producer!

$50 /mo
All of the above, plus you will be listed by name as executive producer on everything we create.