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All the previously mentioned rewards. 

NOTE: Android version comes out with delay. With the first bugfix update.

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  •  Opportunity to participate in votings influencing various game aspects.  
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  • Expanded animated scenes from the game. Example -
  • The poll about scene variations. I will post 2-3-4 sketches of scenes, you pick the one you like the most and you’ll see it in the game. Once for each update.
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About Shaso

Hello everyone and welcome to my Patreon page! My nickname is Shaso and I'm the developer behind the game Dilmur! 

→→→ Early access version and walkthrough!!!

→→→ Public version


→→→My PIXIV!!!

Why would you support me?
The main reason – I live off the patreon income. By supporting me, you are letting me not to be bothered with money problems and focus on the game development. The game translation made in due time is also possible thanks to the income from Patreon. Also, in the future, I’m planning to use services of other artists, musicians, programmers and improve my working equipment. All this will directly affect the quality of the games I create.

Dilmur is an adventurous game containing date-sim elements! You have an opportunity to participate in a mysterious trip alongside with a girl named Noemi. And all the decisions made throughout the game will have their consequences! The game is made on the RPG Maker MV engine. But if you are worried about the grind and pointless running around - don't worry, I reduced such things to a minimum. You can try it and see for yourselves!

The main emphasis was made on the plot and the corruption mechanics of the main character. Noemi is a girl with an attitude. If you want to see the girl sinking in all the lust and perversity of Dilmur - not a problem, but it will take some effort. What? Not a fan of such an approach? Alright, that may be your choice. How this story is going to end for Noemi is for YOU to decide.

What are the benefits of supporting me on Patreon?
My game is absolutely free, but if you support me, you'll have an early access to the game version and to my Discord server. Also, $5+ Pledges will give you an opportunity to participate in votings. And it's not just deciding next characters' hair color. In the votings, patrons decide what will be in the next version of the game. But in case if there is anything urgent needs to be added immediately, the voting for the current update will be skipped.

The alternative way for support.
Don't forget to say your mail and I'll send your actual version! Big thanks!

All the actions will happen in the city of eternal smog that affects limbs of people who live there. The level of technological advances increases every day but nobody can avoid the smog’s destructive effect. The situation impels citizens to develop implantation technologies. However, only rich people can afford to live above the veil of mists, on the highest parts of city's skyscrapers. That is the only chance to escape the smog.
But this city has other problems...

Follow my page to keep track of events. If you like what I'm trying to do please support my creative work!
That will make me possible to spend as much time as I can!
Best help you can provide - sharing this game!
$1,278.05 of $2,000 per month
Reaching this goal will allow me to spend money not only on myself. Upgrading my setup, buying new soft and hiring new assistants - all this will indirectly affect the quality and speed of the updates.
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