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Inspired ? tip jar
$1 or more per month patrons
Do my online work inspire you ? 
Shasta OUT & ABOUT
$10 or more per month patrons
I have thing for taking photos every place I stay or sleep whenever possible. I have special equipments for this. Usually, the results  are surprisingly good. In form of video or photos. 
Shasta in MOTION
$25 or more per month patrons
Lower tier, PLUS

You might have heard that I'm no dancer but I love dancing and posing for videos. I will make monthly special videos, nude, non nude and travel videos plus BTS videos from my own shoots. 

$40 or more per month patrons
I've had countless people ask me to create a snap chat ad here we are. This tier is only for snap chat, it is easier to accept payment. Please send me your snap chat handle after you pledge so I can add you. 

Content: I will be sharing raw content from sexy model, sexy model to your everyday life Shasta! You pretty much get to see me in a daily basis. What I'm doing, where I'm going and what I'm not doing haha! You will also get peak into my bts erotica shoots! 

Shasta in STUDIO
$50 or more per month patrons
Lowe tier, PLUS

self-portrait sets with downloadable images, BTS from the set. These are the creative sets where I put a lot work and thoughts into. 

Shasta up close and personal ( EROTICA )
$200 or more per month patrons
Up close and personal, yet mysterious!

 Tasteful, sensual yet anonymous erotica... This is going to be steamy, hot yet class  content. (I'm avoiding using certain words because Patreon doesn't allow them in this section). 

 Sets (video or photos) monthly. Masks, lingeries, strip tease, toys, it's a solo show for your enjoyment. 

No screenshots allowed or sharing, reposting this content.