Shasta Wonder is creating Photos

Welcome back stage

$1 /mo
I often get to shoot in interesting wardrobe, locations,  and concepts.. get a peak of the process and more

Brainstorm with me

$5 /mo
Lower tier, PLUS 

Get the front row and be the first to see my shoot ideas and concepts! In photos or videos or live chat for my monthly shoot

Shasta OUT & ABOUT

$10 /mo
Lower tier, PLUS  monthly spontaneous shoot/s

I have thing for taking photos every place I stay or sleep whenever posable. I have special equipments for this. Usually, the results  are good surp...



$25 /mo
Lower tier, PLUS

You might have heard that I'm no dancer but I love dancing and posing for videos. I will make monthly special videos, nude, non nude and travel videos plus BTS videos from my ow...


Shasta in STUDIO

$50 /mo
Lowe tier, PLUS

self-portrait set with 3 downloadable images, BTS from the set. Or set by another photographer, monthly

Shasta on your WALL

$85 /mo
Lower tier, PLUS

photo set, and 8x10 print of one image of your choice from the photoset or previous photoset, Monthly.

Please note: I will send you a coupon for 100% discount...


Shasta in all form + PRINT

$100 /mo
Lower tier, PLUS

1-2 photoset with 11x14 print of your choice from my self-portait set

Please note: I will send you a coupon for 100% discount and free shipping to get the pri...