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Early Info on What I'm Developing!
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More Info and Contribution!
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About Shattered Pixel

Hey there, I'm Evan! (aka Shattered Pixel)

I make video games and blog posts about those games.

Currently my main project is Shattered Pixel Dungeon, an entirely free Roguelike RPG for Desktop and Android!
The game has no ads, no upfront cost, and no gameplay-impacting microtransactions. Rather than ruining my games by shoving them full of monetization schemes, I'd rather ask players to support me directly!

If you enjoy the things I make please consider pledging to help me keep making them!
Support from Patrons and supporter purchases on Google Play are what allow me to continue making games. Thank you so much for your support!

Patrons also get some exclusive Benefits:

Read Weekly Exclusive Mini-Blogs: Every week on Monday I post a short blog post which shares some insights into my design process. These blogs can feature concepting work, WIP screenshots, or implementation progress, or various other details. Some of this info makes its way to the regular blog, but Patrons will see it weeks or months in advance!

If you'd like to see what these blogs are like, here are three that I've made public:
Merged Rooms | Patreon Weekly #72
Menu Modifications | Patreon Weekly #59
Yog Progress and Spritework | Patreon Weekly #39

Vote in Monthly Exclusive Content Polls: On the last week of every month I post a poll about a piece of upcoming game content. The specific subject of the poll can vary, but the winning choice(s) are guaranteed to be added to the game in a future update! Voting power is determined by patron tier but all patrons are welcome to share their opinions.

If you'd like to see what these polls are like, here's a couple that I've made public:
New Challenges! | Content Poll #9
Choose An Artifact Rework! | Content Poll #4

Watch Monthly Q&A Livestreams: Around the middle of every month I host a stream which is a mix of Q&A and behind the scenes gamedev. Patrons can ask any question they like and I'll answer it live! All patrons can ask questions and view the VOD, but only Golden+ patrons can watch the stream live.

We haven't had enough livestreams for me to make any public yet, but I do plan to show an example here in the future.

Join the Patreon Community Discord: Our community discord is a place for patrons to chat and for me to share more bite-sized pieces of dev progress! It's also a great place to contact me directly with feedback, and to discuss the game with other patrons. Shattered Supporters get access to a special channel where I share additional info as well.

And more?: The more support I get on Patreon the more benefits I’m able to add! There's always at least one milestone to work toward, so take a look at my goals to see what's coming next.
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Exclusive Game Builds!

Patrons will be offered exclusive limited builds of the game to test out new mechanics before they go to beta or full release! Note that these builds will always be limited in some way, I don't want to use the Patreon to paywall early access to Shattered updates.
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