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Silver Supporters get access to early info on whatever I'm currently working on:
  • Access to Weekly Patreon Mini-Blogs, which give exclusive details about what I'm currently working on.
  • Access to a Patreon Discord, with a dev log and chat channels.
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Golden Supporters get the ability to directly contribute to the creative process:
  • All Silver Supporter benefits.
  • Ability to vote in Monthly Patreon Content Polls, which directly affect whatever I am currently developing.
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Shattered Supporters get extra bonuses on top of the previous benefits:
  • All Silver and Gold supporter benefits.
  • 2x voting power in Content Polls.
  • Access to a private channel on the Patreon Discord.
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Hey there, I'm Evan! Shattered Pixel is my trade name while creating things online. I make videogames for people to enjoy, as well as blog posts about those games. Currently the main project I'm working on is Shattered Pixel Dungeon. You can read more about that over at Shattered's Dev Blog.

Shattered Pixel Dungeon is an entirely free game. There are no ads, no upfront cost, and no gameplay-impacting microtransations. Because of this, I am totally dependent on voluntary donations from people who enjoy the game. If generous players didn't support me, I simply wouldn't have been able to keep making Shattered Pixel Dungeon for so long.

This Patreon page is a new way for fans of the game to support me! If you like the things I make please consider pledging to help me keep making them!

Patrons get exclusive information and influence on what I'm currently developing! This comes in the form of weekly mini-blogs, and per-update content polls! I plan to continue adding benefits as this patreon grows.
$190 of $250 per month
Exclusive Livestreams!

Once a month I will host a patron-exclusive Livestream! The stream will be a mix of Q&A and behind the scenes gamedev.

The live stream will be accessible to Golden Supporters and above, the VOD will be accessible to all patrons.
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