Shaun & Julia Sailing are creating an adventurous sailing around the world experience!

The Plankton

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Thanks for the support! The Plankton brings nourishment to the sea, as you nourish our adventure. Become a Patron today by pledging $3 or more and receive:
Early acce...

The Minnow

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Free digital copy of our new book A Notion of Sailing
• Access to Live Streams

The Dolphin

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• A personalized and signed postcard
• An awesome Shaun and Julia Sailing Sticker

The Shark

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You're going to need a bigger boat...

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The White Whale

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Thar she blows! 

In addition to everything above, you'll also receive: 

• A Designed Crew T-Shirt Gear

• Direct one on one communication with Shaun and Julia

The Kraken

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Shiver me timbers! You are a true Kraken and will take over the sea!

Your pledge will get you:
• Directorial input into our videos

• Recommend sto...