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About Always the Good Girl

I'm Shayne McClendon. I'm a prolific writer of outside-the-norm fiction that includes dramatic, erotic, paranormal, and romantic stories. Over the last ten years, I've steadily built my brand Always the Good Girl and have written (literally) hundreds of stories. 

I'm best known for "The Barter System Series" (8 books), "The Quiet Series" (4 books), "The Damaged Series" (4 books), "The Great Outdoors Series" (5 books), "Completely Wrecked," "The Hermit," and "Starting Today."
I've published 38 books as Shayne McClendon, six paranormal books (The Others) under the pen name Sabrina Rue, and six more (The Brotherhood) as Charlize Rojos (separate from my others because they're explicit m/m erotica).

In the past ten years I've written approximately 15 million words of fiction. Some of those words are in the form of more than 500 short stories. My short story collections are some of my best sellers. 

Since I first published in 2012, my readers have been the best cheerleaders, critics, and brain-stormers an author could hope for. They don't let me quit, they wait patiently when my "day job" sidelines me for weeks or months at a time, and they read/review/recommend my work. 

Patrons of the arts have been a true gift throughout history. We might never have gotten "To Kill a Mockingbird" if Harper Lee hadn't received a generous gift of one year's wages from Michael and Joy Brown that gave her the time and freedom to finish it.

Those who follow me have repeatedly wished for lottery winnings or an insane inheritance from a long-lost (and ridiculously loaded) relative so they can help me focus on my fiction. 

I worked as a corporate bookkeeper for 15 years. When the company was sold and I was laid off, I was lost. Writing was a "hobby" for me since I was a child.

Never anything serious.
Not a real job. 
And then it was. 

I work as a health industry creator (articles, sales pages, books, and graphics) as my day job now. I've written millions of words of exclusive health content in the past decade.

If you're new here and wondering what Patreon is about - it's pretty simple. If you want to help me devote more time to writing awesome characters, crazy plots, and steamy love stories...this is where you can do it. I'm looking for what most authors, artists, musicians, designers, and other creative minds are looking for...a way to do what I love.   

I write fast. I write well. I have almost 3,000 reviews on Amazon and 94% are 4-star and 5-star. 

If you love beautiful stories featuring men and women you're going to forget aren't real, plots that pull you in and won't let you go, and series that leave you begging for more...I'm your writer.  

You'll see in the details that I'm going to reward backers with digital fiction. I can keep you in words.

I want to write for YOU. I want to write for ME. I want to write because it's the only thing I've ever wanted since I first understood that words had the power to make life bearable when I was seven. 

I'm going to make this happen and I'd love to have you with me on the journey. 

Much love,
Shayne McClendon

All readers can join my private Facebook group here (it's called The Barter System).

If you become a patron, you gain immediate access to my Facebook group exclusively for patrons. You can find that group right here. I've written about 15 books there, posting them chapter by chapter, and my patrons absolutely love it!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts

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