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is creating sailing and travel videos. The speciality is 360 Degree videos
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About SHE SAN Sailing Adventures

Who are we?

While Reto has started going on sailing trips in his twenties Angela has always loved to travel either on motorbike, backpacking or with the bicycle. After we met back in 2004 slowly but steadily a shared dream started to grow, the dream of Sailing around the World.

In the beginning we were not sure if it was possible (sail long distances over rough open oceans, through piracy areas, deal with storms and equipment failures) and worth while quitting our jobs with a comfortable income, living in a beautiful area in the middle of the mountains in Switzerland. But we started to save money and finally quit our jobs, then took a one way ticket to Turkey where we boarded our new floating home, our SHE SAN.

In the past 4 years we have sailed more than 30 000 nautical miles over 3 oceans and through 28 countries, we had engine problems from the 2nd week, almost lost the boat in a storm in our 3rd weekand almost burnt it down in our 4th week. But we got used to the challenges and we still like what we are doing and we learn something new on every single day.

Especially we love to explore on land, meet the people, make new friends and understand more about new cultures.
Also we love to go up mountains, ride around with the bicycle or just walk the deserted beaches around some beautiful island. And of course snorkel or dive the underwater worlds of all the tropical paradises.

Why should you support us?

From the beginning of our journey Angela has been writing a blog and documenting our adventures.
Now we started creating Youtube videos, especially the 360 Degree Virtual Reality where YOU ARE in the center of the video. With this great technique we want to share with you our discoveries, experiances and learnings, including the challenges and ups and downs as well as tips and tricks concerning keeping the boat running and living well on board far away from „home“.

These videos take quite a bit of time, effort and also consume quite a bit of ressources for technical material while at the same time we have the feeling we rush through the landscape just to do tick the box.

If you support us and become our Patron, you can help us to slow down and stay longer, improve our skills and material and create many awesome videos for you.

Just choose any amount and follow the instructions to BECOME OUR PATRON!
Thank you so much!

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