Shelah Dow is creating Fantasy Illustrations. Emotional Art, and Coloring Pages

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$1 or more per month
  • Access to Patron-only posts
  • 1 coloring page per month before it is released to the public.
  •  Lots of thanks from me.

Whelplings Level
$2 or more per month
  • All of the above, and...
  • 1 Printable Zodiac page with your favorite Weirdlings fitting the theme. Exclusive to Patreon.
  • Exclusive Etsy coupon code for %50 off of any order over $4.
Wildling Level
$4 or more per month
  • All of the above, and...
  • 1 additional coloring page available before the public sees it (that gives you 2 pages per month + a Zodiac page) 
  •  Secret access to WIP views that, until now, only my colorists have seen.  
  • Poll access to contribute to future ideas and projects (optional credit in that book if your idea is used.) I'll also listen to ideas and comments on posts from this level and above. 

Weirdling Tier
$5 or more per month
  • All of the above, and...
  • 1 bi-monthly Patron exclusive design (will eventually be in an anthology, but not available elsewhere. Can be any subject.)
  • You can choose to follow the Facebook Mirror group here:  - Here I'll post when I have Patreon updates and mirror the WIP posts.  Since it mirrors, it's not a must to join the group. It's whatever is easier for you for updates.  I will send a friend request and then a group request if that you can choose to accept if you want to. Otherwise, you can get the posts and images here.
  • You will have WIP access to secret projects as well. Those pages still won't be available to color, but you'll know what the secrets are. 
  • Exclusive ability to see Original art pieces for sale before everyone else and the chance to buy those pieces at 20% off. 
Dragon Tier
$10 or more per month
  • All of the above, and...
  • In book acknowledgement by name of your support (unless you choose not to.) 
  • 1 PDF copy of the yearly anthology of all designs created throughout the year to be delivered around January 2018. This excludes very secret projects.
  • 1 additional random coloring page Bi-monthly (additional to the ones you already receive from the lower levels.) 
Faun Tier
$15 or more per month
  • All of the above, and...
  • Access to all new pages (excluding secret projects) completed in that current month in your choice of immediate delivery or single, clean PDF at the end of the month. 4-15 pages per month depending on what I get done.
Furbaby Level
$20 or more per month
  • All of the above and...
  • 1 physical copy of the yearly anthology that will be published in January 2018, available from Amazon within the US, from Book Depository if outside the US. 
  • Your choice of 1-4 images colored by me (or painted) as a magnet/sticker/or card(s) to be delivered as soon as able.