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Have you ever heard a song that changed your life for the better?

I certainly have. 

And since I was young, maybe five or six years old, music has spoken to me. It’s writers have guided me through life changes and it’s sound have inspired me to keep moving when all felt lost. 

It is my desire to make people feel  good again. I want my listeners to unwind to the sound of my voice and find solace in my music.  

Here, you will find these wonderful creations. I am a songwriter, singer and multi instrumentalist with the personality and energy of ten TV hosts. And I invite you to enjoy every second of my art. 

Welcome to my Patreon, a world of fun, honesty, emotional connection and original music.

  1. I wanna be the reason 
  2. That There’s Making Love 
  3. Fall In Love Again
  4. Stormy Days
  5. I’m still trying
  6. I See Love In You
  7. Light it Up 
  8. Good life 
  9. Spread love
  10. Hollywood
  11. Breathe in
  12. Heavenly Spirit
  13. What Do I do
  14. Missing Your Love
  15. The Message
  16. Just Thought You Should Know
  17. No Where Fast
  18. Day dreaming
  19. Sleeping Beauty
  20. Occupy
  21. Some Day This War Will End 
  22. Come Back To Me
  23. Fast Life (Cmaj)
  24. Good Man
  25. Keep Going/Feel Good Music
  26. Love is Work 
  27. What’s Best For You
  28. Auf Wiedersehen Elaine
  29. One Step Further
  30. Slowly
  31. Down
  32. Mother Earth
  33. One Step Further
  34. Don’t Judge
  35. Make Believe
  36. Ocean Boy
  37. You're my forever love
  38. Having a Good Day
  39. Self Sabotage
  40. Yesterday
  41. Reality Sets In
  42. Self Sabotage
  43. Revolution Music
  44. Winter Escape

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 69 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 69 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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