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For a simple 1$ a month, you'll get access to my Patreon feed. I post scripts of my videos, newsletters of what I'm working on, and more!

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You'll get access to the scripts of my videos before the video is published, allowing you to more or less have early access! You'll also have your name featured at the end of my videos, as well as in the description and my pinned comment, that way people know you helped fund these videos!  AND on top of that if you've got a question, idea, or something you want to tell or ask me? Want to make sure that I'll see it and respond!? Then this tier is for you! You can hit me up, for anything, anytime, and I'll make sure to get back to you as soon as I can!

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You can voice your opinions on future videos that I'm doing and make your suggestions and edits! I'll send you links to my google docs where you can view some of my scrips that are a work in progress in real-time! As well as Listed as a producer! 

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About Shepard Gaming

Hi there and welcome to my Patreon page! My name is Keanu Miller from Shepard Gaming, and as you probably know, I am currently doing Gaming News, Reviews, Analysis, Post-Reviews, & MORE on youtube! I first want to thank you for stopping by and for considering to support me here, as any amount of support goes a long way! Now with that out of the way let's get into some stuff you might not know about me!

My parents are both doctors, and the same is expected of me as I graduated with honors from UT with a bachelors in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, however, I have convinced my family and have enough saved up to try out YouTube for as a full-time gig for a while, as gaming, and gaming culture is where my passion and heart truly lies! :) 

My reason for making a Patreon is because I try and make my videos on the basis of what is best for the viewers. What I mean by that is I try and make sure every second of my video is enjoyable by having great background music and having the video align with what I am saying. Some of the people I watch on youtube, while I love hearing their opinions, have always bugged me slightly when they just talk for 20 minutes while displaying random gameplay in the background instead of trying to make it compliment their argument. So with my content, I spend a lot of extra time in editing to amend this issue. Alongside this goal, making videos on youtube for people like you all that have the same love and passion for what I think is the best hobby and entertainment products in the world is what drives me! Any amount of support that you can manage is a great honor to me, and I couldn't feel more humbled by your generosity and belief in me! Even if you can't manage to spare anything, just know that by watching, sharing, and engaging in my videos is already enough! I know words will never truly express my gratitude and thanks, but hopefully, the level and quality of content that I produce will be enough! 

As a patron, you will gain varying levels of outreach and communication with me, as much as I can spare at least! With your help on Patreon I can keep making videos, as well as buy a better mic and computer for faster editing and therefore more content, get a ps4 and gaming PC to expand and broaden my reach of potential games and topics to discuss!

If you pledge on here I promise to communicate with you as much as possible and to make your input and opinions my top priority! :)

So thank you for reading, thank you for being awesome! Become a patron, support the Shepard Gaming channel, and I'll support you however I can!

Keelah Se'Lai!
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$50 a month is a decent starting point and will pay for the editing software I use to make my videos! 
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