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To My Patreon...
Where you can find all your Feverish Fantasies...

So here I am, Sherie Ivy Starlet, Curvy-model, gamer, and evolving cosplayer. 
Only Modeling for about 2 years and went on hiatus due to life throwing some tough balls, don't get me wrong I love balls! but some are just harder than others. I have been working on refocusing and coming out of retirement of modelling to continue doing what I love.
As far as gaming goes, to be honest I have always been a gamer since Mario bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Kirby (some of my beginning fav) but there was a big gap where I tried to tone down my gaming as I thought maybe I'm getting to old for this... I later realized.. Nahhh! I enjoy it way to much to give it up..so I'm back at it with a vengeance.

And Cosplay..? Cosplay!! OMG Cosplay
I have fallen in love with Cosplay! I've been cosplaying on and off for the past year. I have always had a passion for dressing up in character or "becoming character". I stumbled across this community after a friend asked me why I didn't cosplay, "I was like what's cosplay?" and Now I'm like This is ME!
I always seen myself as a creative chameleon that needed to be set free! and cosplay is it.
I am a bit of a noob with cosplay so when you join me on this journey of growing you will see my good bad and ugly!..but most importantly my growth over time when you stick with me!

Come be apart of this growth, this journey with modeling, gaming (streaming) and cosplay..with maybe other wacky things I love to do.. Catch that Patreon Fever and watch things Happen!

-"Bare with me loves, I am a noob with this thus far but I am excited about this and want you to be with me, Let's make this an Inferno!"

Just have a read through so we are all in good standing :)
  •  My Patreon wont cut off posting on other platforms. Patreon will be a place for Early Access of what is mostly posted on other platforms but also a lot of exclusivity. Also if its posted on other platforms there's usually more where that came from and that more will be in here in Patreon. 
  • Mini-Sets consist of 5-10 Images
  • All rewards will be given within one week after processed payments (to ensure everything is in the clear)
  • It is actually against Term of Service to Share Patron-only Content of the Creator your supporting. In other words Please don't share any content on here without my permission, it results in a Ban.
  • If there is something you do not understand or have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
  • I have noticed some things posted are not view-able via mobile, so you may have to check what is posted through your email or a computer.
  • Blacklisted : to be banned from my Page. To be blacklisted one would cancel their pledge (a max of two times) before payment is due in attempt to get free content. I understand things happen so this is not to hurt those that may run into mishaps but those trying to get free patreon content.

5 of 10 patrons
10 patrons of Starlight or higher I will buy a sexy cosplay style outfit. I will pick my favorite 3 looks and my patrons will pick the one to buy. I will do a shoot in the look weather it be with a photographer or a self photoshoot.

P.S. Personal fan sign selfie in the outfit for my top tiers.
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