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About Sherlock Holmes

I love creating art and writing comics, both for myself and my overwhelmingly surprising amount of fans!

I will continue to do so whether I get patrons or not!

However, the minimum wage job I work at is hardly enough for me to survive on, let alone leave me enough time or money needed to concentrate on my true passion, art.

I'm also a disabled NeuroAtypical and work often leaves me with fewer spoons than necessary to function, or create the awesome content you and I love.

I often find myself without the basic tools in which to create my art, the time needed to create the art, and the motivation required to make the art awesome. Despite all of this, I still create content.

But you, my dear fans, can help! Somehow... ?

Oh, that's right! If you become a patron, and support me, I'll have more money and eventually (hopefully) more time to dedicate to doing what I love, making art!

But if you can't be a patron, that's alright as well!

You support me by being you and enjoying my art!

Thank you all for so much!

Hugs and Good Luck, from your friendly neighborhood Sherlock!
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If we reach this goal I'll be able to afford my medicine! Whoo! I'll be more able to focus and healthier, therefore able to draw more content that you all love. Thanks!

Short Term Reward: Sorry, but I don't think I'd be able to really do much...

Long Term Reward: More content; Less anxiety!!!
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