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You will always be ahead of the general public as I release each of my audio files to them months after you've already experienced it.
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Here is a list list with links of files that are currently for patrons only.
*This only applies to audios I script and record myself. Script fills come out free when they are released, unless otherwise agreed upon with the writer.

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Welcome to a melty mind, and my minion army. Every so often, I will make a bonus loop from one of the files I created, and will frequently release extra variations and versions of files exclusive to this tier and above, to give you choices in how you go down into trance with me.
  • Extra Content!
  • Hypnosis files with a Naked option - free of music or binaural beats, and sometimes special effects as well- so you can put your own background sounds in, or simply listen to my naked voice.
  • Bonus Loops
  • Extra versions and variations of files, for a more tailored experience under my control. 
  • Access to over 50 scripts from my collection, and sometimes scripts I’m currently working on
  • You also get all lower rewards included as well
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About Shibby Says

I'm Shibby, here to have fun and make my own unique style of audio art.

I love writing intense scripts, recording alluring audios, and editing in layers, binaurals and all sorts of effects that will send you deeper then you've ever been. That will make you more submissive than you've ever felt. Sub space and trance combined into one blissful experience is the goal.
And I'm really quite good at it.

You love it.
Going down into trance for me. Feeling the intense sensation my voice causes to run along your skin. All of your body. Fingertips lightly grazing over you, making your body shudder in bursts of intense pleasure. All at my command. All feeling soooo amazing, as I guide you towards explosive experiences and intense sensations you will never find anywhere else.
Both of the purely mental, and very physical variety.

Deeper and Deeper....

Most of my files are free! So try one out.

Thanks to my supporters, this is my full time career now- which is awesome because I used to do it just for fun!
Now thanks to you, It's still incredibly exciting, But I also have the time I need to make whatever wicked ideas my mind comes up with instead of scrounging around for time in between shifts.

Check out my Plans post on reddit for a complete list of what's currently in the workings, the over 20 files you will immediately have access to when you join My Patreon, and what's coming out next!

My subreddit is also a great place to hang out just to find out more about me, find reviews of my files, ask questions, see pictures of my dungeon, and if you aren't a patron, finding out what's going on in my world.

Did I mention I do LIVE recordings?

Free for you to come listen while I play with my audience and just have a good time.

You can find out more about that and my Discord channel Here.

I write, record and edit most of my files- I also manage the whole thing by myself(sometimes badly)
So it's not some man's mind behind the content. It's mine. My desires for you, my control of you, all coming directly from me.

This also makes it take a lot longer to make files. About 15 hours+ per file sometimes.
But the more you contribute, the more prolific I get to be!

I also record a lot of scripts from GWA, as it helps me expand my collection and gives you so much more to listen to.

I have a lot of kinks, mostly related to Female Domination, that comes across in many of my files.

I also have a huge exhibitionist kink, so making all sorts of kinkiness appeals to me- and I just love being the one to show you new kinks, and help you accept the ones you have as the sexy spice of life they are!

I do not make any Financial Domination recordings.
All of my files are Fully labeled, both triggers and what I want you to feel/do.

Where to start?

Here are some of the free files I recommend you start with:

My starting file in FemDom Guided Meditation is a 25 minute HFO file called My Sweet Boy. My very first effort in a series called "Good boy" which installs a return to trance trigger, and a reward trigger whenever I call you a good boy- right before I snap you to bliss.
Once you have the triggers in this file firmly entrenched in your mind, there is a whole series of files that follow-
Slave. Obey.
My Sybian
Object of our desires
My Sybian 2
You can find all of them for free on my soundgasm page.

$15,000 - reached! per month
With this amount of money, I can spend the 20k+ it will cost to hire a ghost writer to start writing my autobiography. I've led an interesting life, and there will be many steamy and kinky scenes from my past, as well as the choices and events that have led me to where I am today. I really want one, but sadly, I do not have the time, or good enough grammar, to write one myself.

I will of course be making an audio book to go with what will likely be an ebook release. It may take a long time to make, but this amount would allow me to start it going.
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