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About Shiloh Walker/J.C. Daniels

I'm Shiloh Walker...and J.C. Daniels.

I write books. I take pictures and I cause trouble, too.  
But I doubt anybody came over here to learn about my knack for causing trouble, although I'm really good at it.


am I setting up a patreon?

For several two years, I've been doing ghostwriting on the side. I picked it up after realizing the drop in income from my digital publishers was getting persistently worse and I knew something needed to give.

Ghostwriting works.  I have fun and it pays the bills. But I also want to pursue more of my own ideas. I can do more of this in a timely manner and have the kind of editing and hopefully also offer the sort of print distribution I could have via my old small press distributors...but there are start up costs and promo.

Publishing costs money. Period. That's why certain projects are taking longer.

Okay, fine...I'll tell you more about promo. But I told you not to ask. This is just a rough idea.  There is more, but I'm trying to keep it short.

  • 300 pens roughly $150
  • 250 postcards to mail to bookstores/libraries (doesn't include S & H or postage) $70
  • Ad costs vary, but a minimum of $250 per new release.
  • Print ads - limited to 1 - 2x a yr due to cost $500 and up.
  • Website/newsletter package $150/month
And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Travel, research, all that stuff is also tied up in there. Writing is a dicey business and while I've done okay with traditional publishers, it's not always the right path.

I've found much more freedom with self-publishing and want to explore trying to continue my FBI Psychics series as well as writing more under my urban fantasy pseudonym, J.C. Daniels.

With your help, I hope to do just that.

I'll be able to put out more books...maybe even revisit projects I'd put on hold or haven't done much with in a while.  Or...yanno...projects that publishers decided not to renew.

As a thank you to all patrons, I'll be sharing a short fiction piece I wrote, INFORMATION, with everybody who kicks in. See...I'm sharing INFORMATION.  o.o  Did you find that funny?

Plus, I'll also use this platform to share some shorter projects that have had no home and other odds and ends. These range from flash fiction pieces to longer short stories that just don't work anywhere else.

I know what it's like to be tight on money. Been there, done that...still do that, depending on which pub is going out of business... just kidding. Not really. Well, sorta.  Maybe? I don't know.

But the point is, I know what it's like to be tight on funds.  All patrons will have access to the short stories I post on the feed and sneak peeks, which will include random things like covers, bonus looks at works in progress, etc.

And...all patrons will have their names go into a random drawing to have a chance to get "tuckerized".

So...are you in?
$826.20 of $1,000 per story
That's the goal, folks.  It will help cover editing costs, cover and print distribution for my urban fantasy series, the Colbana Files.

I'd like to eventually get the money to get expanded distribution on this series as a whole.
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