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But still - really thanks You! ^,^

As bonus - all, who donate 1 dollar or more - will get full access to all my top video projects in high quality (1920x1080 with 10K Bitrates)

They can be watched from server, or - can be downloaded on your computer, for more comfortable viewing ^.~

P.S.  After your total donation gonna be 3$+, and as long as you will continue to be my Patron  - I will add your name in the final credits of all my new video projects, also as  will add your name in the list of my *thanks* on my Patreon page info too =^.~

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I am very glad that You are with me, people, thanks You really much! 

As bonus - starting from this position to the last ones - Your name will be into final credits of every new of my projects, and also - in description of my page, as long as you keep being my Patron ^.^

P.S. I might add in final credits also Patrons, who do donate less, but still - make it stable ^.~

Great support of my work! =^.^=

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As bonus - will spend about two hours of personal time with You (once per month) in SecondLife, which can take place in dialogues or just hang around, all up to You, and also - I will allow You to take pics, if You will wish to do any...=^.~=

P.S. If You want to take this bonus, after support - just drop an message to me ^.^




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About ShineSL

Hi, and welcome on my Patreon page! =^.^=

This page exists for all those who like my work, and They would like to support me in order to help me continue to do my work, providing proper motivation not only to produce stable projects, but that they become better with time...=^.~=

Here, for Your support, You will also receive certain bonuses, like getting access to projects in the best quality, and even the opportunity to order a video according to Your own scenario, so, if You are interested in something like this - please - pay attention to my Tiers! =^.^=

With love,
Your Naughty ShineSL  =^.^=

( To avoid any problems in future - I did remove full list of my internet pages, also as my Patreon's intro, but if You wish to know more about me ( For Adult Users Only ) - just search in Google * ShineSL *, and You will find a lot of my stuff there, like my Xvideos or Pornhub page, thanks You )

((Now I also have an alternative to Patreon to accept payments - the TIP button on my Pornhub channel (The BIG orange ones, with text *Send a Tip*, where You can also choose Your own number of donation, by clicking *Other* ^^), so if You have any problems with sending tips or make any order on my Patreon channel for any reason - You could always do it on my Pornhub ones =^.~=))

I use these sites to inform about my future work: (Need to have account to see adult content) (No need to have account, adult users only!)

(( Important note about all Pledges/Tiers - bonuses are not summed up (Exception - place of Your name in the video credits & Info on my Patreon's page). My Tiers more focused on donation, but for every Tiers I did make *bonus* positions as well, for people, who would like to receive something in return, or else make an order for something, but it's not at all necessary to take these bonuses, this is an additional option.  Of course, if You used to donate something to me in the past, and decided to ask me to do something for You - with a high probability I will agree to do this, but still - I reserve the right to refuse You, if Your last donation was over 3 months ago. I also adding this note in case someone will tries to sabotage my work, to protect my self from such moment. Thanks again! ))

P.S.(!) I also wish to thank all who do supporting me already so long time, special (Since I wish to be fair - listed in order of highest donation to lower, for all the time of my Patreon page exist (This list will be updated every month after pledges are processed)):

- Mr. Baz Zerfire
- Mr. OnyxFurry
- Ms. Poison
- Mr. Choco
- Mr. Jakeey
- Mr. Robert (dark441)
- Ms. Ryowolf
- Mr. Joshy Castel
- Mr. Real Faction
- Mr. Thomkane159
- Mr. Cccyyye Roblox
- Ms. ShivaTheWolfShark
- Mr. Chillum
- Mr. Qnaoz
- Mr. Leonardo Hohnen
- Mr. Frazzi
- Mr. Synn Sorbet
- Mr. Allan Lawry
- Mr. Pineapple
- Mr. Wremmurg
- Mr. Champloo
- Mr. LordFusion Redfox
- Ms. ZePomPom
- Mr. Ethan
- Mr. Kactuma_FurianWarriors
- Mr. Maniakk
- Mr. ShuraGear525
- Mr. Omni418
- Mr. IchigoNeko
- Mr. Nico Fili
- Mr. OBLIVION_2011
- Mr. Nick Stevens
- Mr. Galaxy Dragon
- Mr. Trent Geaudreau
- Mr. Lou Alexander
- Mr. IOwen x 412
- Mr. Matthew
- Mr. PagChomp
- Mr. Yuri TigerPaws
- Mr. FenixSpy
- Mr. Christopher Smith
- Mr. VicDaLeopard
- Mr. TheHarbinger66
- Mr. Lord Zero
- Mr. Dresnath Blackwing
- Mr. Rhotax
- Mr. Erise
- Mr. KennethBlack
- Mr. SohrahVakrha
- Ms. Eli Cruz
- Mr. Kage_Okami
- Mr. Deadlyfire18
- Mr. Jugos
- Mr. Danny
- Mr. Ram619
- Mr. Stephen Koblonsko
- Mr. Wizel
- Mr. Robert Breault
- Mr. Lagoon
- Mr. Ancarius
- Ms. Flutters
- Mr. Alexander Wolfe
- Mr. Froyst
- Mr. Korse Euthanogenicon
- Mr. Chris Todd
- Mr. Revenuk
- Mr. Someguy475
- Mr. Humphry Hawkings
- Mr. D1ngo
- Ms. Dapvhir
- Mr. Deathwolf_goodest_of_boys
- Mr. Nugget
- Mr. RickyFinnegan
- Mr. BlazingZero
- Mr. Sos
- Mr. Xem
- Mr. Dawnwolf
- Mr. EdwardH
- Mr. K
- Mr. Roarik
- Mr. Ryan Anaya
- Mr. Vilulf
- Mr. Macha
- Mr. Eblob
- Mr. Tigga
- Mr. Kdrop13
- Mr. Charles Godfrey
- Mr. Steffan Phillipp
- Mr. Justin Bell
- Mr. Odriew
- Mr. StenLASH
- Mr. TCoffin
- Mr. Xyberr
- Mr. Chris Leathem
- Mr. Katherine Drevis
- Mr. Sean Kimura
- Mr. CryCabbit
- Mr. Tyler Hangartner
- Mr. Warships69
- Mr. KingTg
- Mr. Archer and Thief
- Mr. Chef Sigmund
- Mr. Garmore The Wolf Fire User
- Mr. James
- Mr. Morris Archeltum
- Mr. Terzen
- Mr. Viktor_Yeen
- Mr. Óskar Björnsson
- Mr. 胡鸽不鸽
- Mr. Cybear
- Mr. Nol
- Mr. Charlie Trotter
- Mr. Ryan
- Mr. FatKingCactus
- Mr. Joshua Brewer
- Mr. Orchen
- Mr. Pryler
- Mr. Jon Eckworth
- Mr. Craig shue
- Mr. DrZerohour
- Mr. Elciddx Oliveira
- Mr. Josh
- Mr. NDark1999
- Ms. Вика Аолчина
- Mr. Icefyre Ryu
- Mr. Leror
- Mr. Maloujin Sijaire
- Mr. Mess_Around _Account
- Mr. Pablos Gaming
- Mr. Talor
- Mr. TheSchnooze
- Mr. Wolman

(((Pornhub list of Patrons was removed in view of the fact that the payment system of the site has not been working for more than a year, and most likely it will not be restored)))
((Older info about PH : I'm sorry, but Pornhub do not allow to see the FULL statistic of ALL donation for ALL the time (but I hope that they will fix that one day), so I am building a list based on data from the last 2-3 months ))

P.S. Your name gonna stay in this list as long as you keep being my Patron. If you, in total, has donated me 3 or more dollars, and I, some how - did not add your name in this list - please - let me know, and I will fix it =^.~=

Former Patrons ( But they did help me a lot also!):

- Mr. Criss Rudolf
- Mr. Blackhydra4
- Mr. Arcenaux
- Ms. Powerblade3 (FA)
- Mr. Qnaoz
- Mr. AnonFox
- Mr. Derek Martin
- Mr. Kellervo
- Mr. Wolford92
- Mr. Maroni
- Ms. Shion Kosmos
- Ms. Snowy White
- Ms. Luna
- Mr. Pierre Trifunac
- Ms. Atria Telvari
- Mr. Erik1991
- Mr. Deadlast
- Mr. IchigoNeko
- Mr. Necroman666
- Mr. BigMacintosh
- Mr. Norman Burrows
- Mr. Noobie
- Mr. Hero Botanist
- Mr. Gam3rPro
- Mr. Cearenbow
- Mr. CaseCrafts
- Mr. Cockatrice Lidigeneer
- Mr. Ibartistspatron
- Mr. Alexander Bruggen
- Mr. Happy Dragon
- Mr. Stormy Skies
- Mr. Blaser Reto
- Mr. Venom Fox
- Mr. Freakdogsflare
- Mr. Azual
- Mr. ScottishDrunkle
- Mr. Furry
- Mr. Jonathan Dingess
- Mr. George Shaeffer
- Mr. Irontail Flatley
- Mr. Brett Hardisty
- Mr. Chris Travis
- Mr. Kactuma_FurianWarriors
- Mr. Booker
- Mr. Syrus Brona
- Mr. Neale
- Mr. Wremmurg
- Mr. Benassi
- Mr. Cole Morrison
- Mr. Zatch the Cat
- Mr. Jacob
- Mr. Darth Mathias and Ms. Darkladylexy
- Mr. Chris Travis
- Mr. Ciradis
- Mr. Zamuron
- Mr. John
- Mr. Carson Smith

P.S. To be in *Former Patrons* list - your total donation should be 30 or more dollars, and even as you did stopped to be my Patron, as a special thanks - your name will remain in this list. However, if you return to being my Patron - your name will return in main list, with considering of your total donation to me for all the time of existing my Patreon page =^.^=

I would love to bring Special thanks also to my virtual sisters Cheri & Ania, also as to all another people who do helping me making my projects by filming in them/helping me with fixing my text, helping me with searching some inventory for next scenes etc. With out your push and with out your help - this would be much harder for me also to keep making my job =^.^=

I also wish to say thanks once more again to all another people also, who do helping me even by *like* button to my projects on this or on my another channels - this do helping me also really much to hold not bad ratings on many deferent internet resourses! I know that not all do have possibility to help by finance, but this people also contribute to help my projects, and I'm really thankful to them by such!
$200 - reached! per month
This money will help me spend more of my time to improve my skills in video creation, also as they will keep me motivated to working harder on my every new project by using new type of ideas in them, also as buy new type of devices & programs, which, with time - will help me create even better projects.

(In every month I do planing to create not less than two big projects, and this work also could be mixed by Pin-Up projects & Private projects as well =^.^=...)

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 543 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 543 exclusive posts

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