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For over a year now I have been designing my own clothing and accessories. All of my products are aimed at elevating our conscious awareness of God's Love and Truth. As we navigate the chaos of our daily lives it is so important to have physical and mental reminders of our inherent value, beauty, capability and strength in God. In the future I hope to start my own line of clothing, and this is the first step! Your support as a Patron will help me to buy more merchandise that I can advertise and sell in my local community. 

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I am developing a comprehensive mental, emotional and spiritual mastery program for the ascension of planet Earth.

As my Patron you get:

Monthly Spiritual Counseling and Distance Reiki Energy Healing and your very own Custom-Designed Clothing or Accessory item from Zazzle.

One 40 minute spiritual counseling session on zoom addressing any mental, emotional, or spiritual challenges which might be most pressing for you right now. After the session we will decide on one area in your mental, emotional, or spiritual health that can be brought back into balance through the use of both physical and mental daily reminders. I will custom design a clothing or accessory item for you on, along with sending you   a personalized mantra for the month.

To read more about Ascension please visit my website:

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I see myself as a unique Artist who can relate not only to the LGBTQ community, but to all peoples across race, gender identity, age, sexuality and culture, at the level of human struggle and victory. I speak the truth as I know it, openly and honestly. I continue to expand in my songwriting style to build on elements of rock, blues, country, pop and rap. While I own a Record Label, recording an album is extremely expensive and I am only working to produce one song at a time as my budget allows. I have been writing music that I feel is "radio worthy," since 2007 and now have over 2 albums of material that are ready to go as well as new songs in the works.

I released my first single, "Blue," in 2017 and my second single, "Something Beautiful," in January of 2020. Along with these two high-vibrational masterpieces, I create unique playlists on Spotify to help us through our most difficult hours. Music is the great communicator and is capable of embodying and expressing all of our individual and collective human emotions, whether happy or sad. No matter what you are feeling in any given moment, a song can help you ride the waves of your emotions, smoothly and gently bringing you back to a place of peace and stability.

Your support on Patreon will help me get back in the studio to finish recording my older material and finally have a chance at releasing an EP or full length album, one of my dreams! Thank you for your interest in my work and May God Bless You in all things.




Hi, I'm Shira Notes! I'm a Spiritual Teacher and Writer first and foremost, here on Earth at this time, space, dimension and reality to help bring this planet to the next phase of our collective evolution in God. I have two awesome singles out, "Something Beautiful," and "Blue," songs about personal and collective empowerment. I speak boldly and truthfully from God's massive mind of Wisdom, Peace, Love and Strength. I create videos aimed at helping human beings to remember their spiritual identity as God's Divine Creations capable of infinite expansion into all that is Love and Light. I design Clothing and Accessories aimed at raising the collective soul vibrations of humankind. I write articles and blogs aimed at bringing God's Truth and Beauty to this world once again and preparing humanity for the changes to come. I am currently working on two albums of music and developing The New Earth Healing Program, a mental, emotional and spiritual mastery program. Together we can make this world a better place, and we can make this Something Beautiful. Thank you for your interest in my work.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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