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One dollar a month will get your name with a special thank you at the end of the episode, because who doesn't want to hear their name on air?! While it will only get said on air once, Juice will whisper it in bed for a lifetime.

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When you donate 10 dollars or more a month, Casey will sing a short song on air about you, your life, and mostly making fun of your name. Ear bleeding from her horrible voice complimentary. 

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About Shitty Cinema

Shitty Cinema is the love child of a group of friends who delight in all that bad movies have to offer: poor quality, over acting, terrible set design, juvenile script writing, etc. Recorded weekly, sit in and listen as Jay, Dave, Juice, and Casey rip apart a movie they've watched this week based on the month's theme. While currently on a shoestring budget, we long to invest in audio equipment and editing software that will take our podcast to the next level. This podcast will always be free (just like #Merica) but we need your help to continue growing an improving.
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We need an external recorder! What the fuck is that and what does it do? I have no idea, but the powers that be (the boys) told me we need one.
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