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You are a listener of Shivelight, love having us bring you new music to enjoy and want to see consistent uploads on the channel.

You also get access to our privately-curated Soundcloud playlists which include all our up-to-date daily discoveries from most labels in the scene.

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You not only enjoy the content, but you are looking for discoveries for your DJ sets. We listen to 100s of songs on SoundCloud every month and have plenty of new genre-categorised discoveries that don't make it to the public. We'll share the best of those with you.

We also work with some of the best musicians in our genres so if you are an artist, we can give you in-depth feedback on music that you are working on.




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"Shivelight is a word created by poet Gerard Manley Hopkins for the lances of sunshine that pierce the canopy of a woods."

We are excited to make our work with this channel more efficient with the launch a Patreon page and a detailed report of what we plan to curate, how we aim to improve the channel, and all other exciting things we can bring you with that.

Shivelight was founded in 2015 by the Dutch DJ and music lover, Samaya, focusing on future bass and chill-out music. Since then, it has slowly grown to become a unique online destination for innovative world-influenced and psychedelic electronic music from around the planet. This means anything from psychedelic dub, organic downtempo and slow tribal techno to ethnic trap, oriental hip-hop and much more.

Over the past year, we’ve been partnering with Outtallectuals record label - specifically through their Ethnofusion discovery platform - to identify a huge majority of artists and labels in the ‘global bass’ genre. Now, having merged Ethnofusion with Shivelight, we are taking our partnership to the next level by focusing on how to bring you better quality content regularly.

Beyond discovering these weird & wonderful musical styles, our primary aim is to use the channel as a platform that values every person involved in the process & how much work goes into each song/upload; from the musicians, labels, visual artists & dancers to the channel curators & the audience. Through our Patreon goals:

  • We will be able to pledge to a consistent upload schedule of the best music in our genre
  • We will be able to pay visual artists & performers who we feature on the channel
  • We will be able to strengthen our legal duties, accounting and permission contracts with creators.
  • We will be able to eat, have a small shelter & dedicate time to curate music videos for you
  • Eventually expand to do in-depth podcasts & interview conversations with our favourite artists

Till this day, all the work we have done with our blogs and channels have been free of charge and we end to keep it that way. But with our complicated every day lives, juggling many personal and other professional duties, we truly depend on your support to get this channel to the best it can be, and keep growing it to its full potential. With the support of our patrons, we will be able to do this week-in, week-out, with full focus and no interruption.

Find out more about our collective work at:



$46 of $750 per month
In this first step, we will have a consistent weekly schedule of:

- 4 x long play continuous mixes (EP, Albums, Compilations, Guest, Samaya &/or Baxtak mixes) [Tuesdays]

- 2 x 'Find of the Month' single track upload features with written interviews [Thursdays (Bi-Weekly)]

- Guest Artist Spotlight, Spotify Playlist Takeovers [Bi-Weekly]
Our costs include:

$75: Adobe CC - Business License for Two People (incld. Collaborative Video Editting)

$25: Electricity & Internet - Help us run our laptops and internet flowing so we can discover & edit videos for you

$400: Labour - Wage for 40 Hours of Work Each Month (national minimum wage in the UK: £8 / $10) for rendering videos, editing, finding artwork, writing articles, administration, artist liaison, social media, demo management, and countless hours of listening to potential music for the channel.

$200: Visual Arts Licensing - Help us work with top-tier illustrators active in Mandlebulb, Cine4D and visionary arts, and make sure that we can pay the visual artists whose work we feature.

$50: Accounting, Web Hosting, Admin & Legal (Tax) Duties
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