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About ShooterTutorial

Indie development has been never so good as now. Ready to use engines, for small price. Marketplaces where you can buy assets or even find something for free. Lot’s of resources and possibility to ship a game by yourself is something that blow my mind:) I will try to show that you can create a games from scratch and the only thing that is needed is determination and hard work!

What is ShooterTutorial?

  • Shooter game in development using Unreal Engine 4,
  • Development is open - every step is explained as Tutorial at with live stream at Youtube,
  • Store lot of Tutorials that aren't connected with Shooter Game and you can request Tutorial as well!

Basically I want to show you guys how to create a game from scratch and how to ship it. I will be always open with you and share my knowledge and data.

What about the future?

  • When game will be finished I will start working on "Learning UE4 Blueprints by Example" Book for beginners, as ShooterTutorial Tutorials can be complicated for beginners, 

You can get more information from my last interview at 80lvl.
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