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Hi friendos, thank you for finding your way to the Short Fat Otaku Patreon. We're finally on the cusp of being able to become online content creators PROFESSIONALLY (as in, as our main source of income!) and every little bit helps! While nobody over here expects or assumes anyone will contribute anything to our stuff beyond their viewership - and trust me pals, that is more than enough - if any of you feel the itch to contribute financially, this is a great way to do so!

(It goes without saying, but if you're poor, please don't give us any money here or via a Twitch sub or whatever. I've had a few people now declare their intention to go into the poor house and I don't want that. Take care of yourselves first!)

What's "Short Fat Otaku"?

"Short Fat Otaku" started in 2008 as an anime review channel between two pals (Dave and Nichole) living in the wilderness of northern Ontario, Canada.  Their mutual friend, Dev, joined in soon after.  Back then, the channel would get an anime review once every two months or so, and the production quality was horrid, but it was a lot of fun!

Nowadays, the SFO crew do a lot of other projects, from politics to gaming, and we upload significantly more frequently.  Here's the shows and channels we currently work on!

Short Fat Otaku

The main Short Fat Otaku channel is a political and sociological channel, where Dev spends his time dissecting cancerous ideologies and movements.  Videos come out anywhere between 1 and 4 times per month.

Dumping With Scrump 

A podcast where Dev and his pal Scrumpmonkey discuss random issues of the day, generally choosing topics too insignificant for a full SFO video.  These are done randomly, based on Scrump's schedule.

No Talent Gaming

A gaming show done with Dev, his roommate Dave, his girlfriend Naomi, and multiple other people occasionally.  The show is streamed live on twitch, and then uploaded to the NTG YouTube channel the next day.  Streams happen anywhere between 2 and 5 times a week, at regular times posted on social media!  Compilations of best moments from the streams are also uploaded on an alternate channel!
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500 dollars will cover basic show expenses. I'll be able to spend significantly more time on all of our projects and videos!  Thank you!

I love you!
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