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is creating Vlogs, Art & Design hoping to inspire.
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For those who follow me and have often though, "I'd buy that guy a beer!" Well now you can... So if you've watched my videos, read my posts or just enjoyed my online presence please feel free to buy me a drink. It would be hugely appreciated, I get thought a lot of Tea on the Allotment!

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If you've enjoyed my content and would like to donate a little more thank you.  It's very much appreciated. This will go along way in keeping me topped up with Tea and Biscuits!  Providing a little more fund towards the allotment and vlogs, and should keep me in a few art supplies!

Rescue a Chicken of your own!
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The biggest expense on my Allotment is "The Girls" you've all seen them! I would love to rescue more Ex-Battery Hens give them a little more freedom, a nice retirement home and treat them to the best in layers pellets, kale and corn. Help me rescue some more girls!

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About Ross Minton

It's not easy being disabled but at the same time, disability should not define you. I have an allotment (large kitchen garden) I fish, metal detect and explore the countryside as much as possible.
Being outside has helped me accept who I am and helped me changed things to a point I think I'm at my most creative and producing my favorite work.
We adapt and we overcome and through my vlogs and work, I would like to inspire more people to get outside and live life.

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Mobility Scooter Camping Pod!
I need a way of getting my mobility scooter further afield, more adventures away from home. I plan on building a small trailer to transport the scooter and be able to sleep in the back of. 
I cant wild camp anymore... so I need to adapt! 
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