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  • Monthly Podcast with topic suggested by Patrons!
  • The "Patron" role on my Discord server, which gives access to Patron only text and voice channels!
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Dear Diary...

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  • Get access to daily "Dear Patron..." diary entries!
  • Plus all previous rewards
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Easy Generosity

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  • This tier is identical to the previous tier ("Dear Diary..."). I've added it to make it easier for people to be more generous if they want to be. (I know that Patreon lets you specify a value other than a tier, but this makes it simpler. Consider it a social experiment.)
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About Sientir

Hi, I'm Ben, though I usually go by Sientir on the Internet, and this is my Patreon page. Thanks for dropping by!

As a creator, I'm still searching out my voice. I've done a bunch of different things (some of which are exclusive to this here Patreon!). Most of what I'm doing elsewhere can be found at or on my YouTube channel (including VODs of my Twitch streams).

Through Patreon, you can get an inside look into my thoughts, my creative journey, and my life. This access is exclusive to my Patrons. Just remember, if you choose to support me in my endeavors, that you're gonna get to know me a whole lot better than I likely will get to know you, so please be respectful of that fact.

As a final note, tiers are progressive, meaning that all rewards in a lower value tier are included in a higher value tier. They all also include a special "Patron" role on my Discord server just for Patrons. This role gives access to private text and voice channels!

And with that, let's go over the tiers themselves.

1. $1 USD — Patron Podcast
Starting with this tier, you get access to and participation in the Patron Podcast. This is a monthly podcast with the topic chosen by Patrons! Topics are submitted during the first half of a month, then I make a poll from those topics for Patrons to vote in. The winning option is the topic for that month’s Patron Podcast.

Note that these podcasts are pretty casually done—they're just a step above a raw recording. This means you get to hear my candid thoughts on whatever topic wins the monthly vote.

2. $5 USD — Dear Patrons... (Also $10 USD — Easy Generosity)
With this tier, you get access to daily* diary entries. These entries are usually a combination of life events and stuff I'm thinking about. I would consider these to be the heart of my Patreon.

*: While these posts are generally daily, the exact time they come out is somewhat inconsistent (as is my personal schedule). On occasion, something messes with my ability to release one on a given day, as life does occur. Also, any vacations that I may take will also likely heavily disrupt these, so I’ll seek to make Patrons at affected tiers aware of such events ahead of time.
$39.81 of $2,500 per month
This amount per month works out to $30,000 annually, which is a respectable sum. It is also the equivalent of $15 per hour for 40 hours per week for 50 weeks.
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