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About Sika Strength Podcast


We are a Strength Training company, we specialise in making anyone from any walk of life or sport strong like Weightlifters, Powerlifters, Crossfitters, (if you've been listening to the podcast) Real Athletes and anyone in between!

If you're here you probably already know who we are and you know what the Sika Strength Podcast is though. We started the podcast as another creative outlet to spread the information we broadcast in a short hand form like Instagram videos or responding to questions but when we learned people wanted more detail and more in depth information we used the most accessible and best form available which was Podcastin'! Much to our surprise you guys love it and we f**king love making it!

At the moment as a business though, we have to justify and use our time most effectively. As the podcast is free and takes hours to record, upload, research, source guests and any other activity you never thought went into a podcast it can be hard to allocate the hours to do extra podcasts each week (or even a single podcast some weeks due to time constraints).

Having a source of revenue from the podcast means we can give more time to do some extra curricular activities such as add more in depth series which require better and more detailed research. We can travel to more people and countries to interview and immerse ourselves in their company to further our knowledge and bring better podcasts! With the added revenue we could also begin to video the podcasts and edit them.

One aspect of beginning the patreon we wanted to make sure was not to add anything behind a pay wall. We don't want this to change the availability of the episodes or eliminate someone who can't afford to become a patreon from fully experiencing the podcast or even from feeling like paying is the only way to be part of the 'gang'.

For now it's one tier.

All support is greatly appreciated it!

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