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My name is Kenny, A.K.A. SilentFan85 to my community...
I've been streaming and creating content on YouTube and Twitch for going on 7 years now, and I have built an awesome community of well over 2,000 followers and friends. While building, I have been working a full-time job, and now, with your potential backing, I could to take my game to the next level, someday. I have a wish of being there for my community full-time, while working a part-time job. 

I'm very thankful to my community of viewers, sponsors, patrons, followers, subscribers and friends for all the support of my content and real life struggles. I may not be the biggest YouTube or Twitch star on the 'net, but I do have THE greatest community on the 'net. Bar none!

We are the SILENT SQUAD!

⏬⏬ Channels ⏬⏬

⏬⏬ Aliases ⏬⏬
Steam: SilentFan85
Battle.Net Tag: SilentFan85#1378
PSN: Barun_Limnas
XLIVE: SilentFan85YT
Pokemon GO: 1901 7642 2642

XBox Club: Official SilentFan85 Squad
PS4: SF85 Silent Squad
Injustice 2: Silent Justice Guild (D8XJN)

⏬⏬ Subscriber Goals ⏬⏬
1000 Subs: Check!
2000 Subs: Check!
3000 Subs: SOON!
5000 Subs: A guy can dream! :D

⏬⏬ Social Stuff ⏬⏬

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Vote every 12 hours and get eggs to hatch and shards to combine!
Start your journey today!

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$0 of $50 per month
Reaching the 50.00 pledge monthly goal would benefit the community in significant ways, including:

  • Ability to provide a small monthly stipend for active mods on stream chats and Discord.
  • Giveaways could be held more often.
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