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My gratitude for your generosity.
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Still just gratitude, although in greater quantity. It may be cheap to say, but it doesn't make it less true that every little bit more counts.




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Hello, and thank you for reading this.

What is this Patreon about?
I tend to be eclectic with my work, but, for the most part, I'm creating this Patreon because of my prolific work as a graphic modder for Paradox games. 

What are your credentials?
If you've played Crusader Kings II, you probably know me from Geheimnisnacht (more commonly referred to as "the Warhammer mod"). I've drawn nearly all the portrait sets for that mod and, although it is less known, I've also coded a lot of gameplay mechanics and flavor events for the various factions, and I've written two lore supplements (the Jade Vampires & Cathay and the Mathmasi & Araby).
I've also drawn a few portrait sets for Stellaris, which have been generally well received by the community, and occasionally even approved of by the developers themselves. A few of them have sat on the first page of most subscribed species mod for quite a few months now, with an average of 10.000 subscribers each.
I am semi-active on DeviantArt, where you can find some of my older work.
I've also recently published a book, which, going by the feedback I've received on all my previous small narrative works, should be a pleasant read, if nothing else.

Why opening a Patreon?
As it probably is the case for many other people on this site, while I love doing what I do for free, my time is getting progressively limited due to real life work, which has resulted in me having less and less time to provide you with my modding skills (& other stuff).
I don't want to be paid to provide my services, I will keep producing mods and putting them online for free regardless of any support, but, for obvious, pragmatic reasons, if you were to give me something, even the smallest amount of money, it could mean a tiny bit more of time that I can dedicate to this work, which would result in more free mods for everybody.

$4 of $50 per month
If I reach this point, I will consider the experimental phase of my presence on Patreon passed, and reorganize my schedule to foster involvement with my Patreons.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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