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About SilphSpectre

Hi there, my name is SilphSpectre, but feel free to call me Silph. Welcome to my Patreon!

About My Content
I make Pokémon videos on Youtube and stream Pokemon games on Twitch. I’m most well-known for my True Power series, in which I analyze the evolution of certain trainers in the Pokémon games in order to figure out what their best possible team is (and then test that team in battle in a second video)! For the past 5 years, my goal has been to create engaging and entertaining content about the franchise that has changed my life in so many ways - and hopefully do so in a manner that makes the days of my viewers just a little bit better.

Why Patreon?
In 2018, I took a huge risk to pursue content creation full-time. Since then, I’ve been able to keep myself afloat and have been blessed with an amazing community that fortunately enjoys my content.
With my True Power series being relatively new and requiring a substantial amount of work, I’ve quickly learned that I’m going to need some help. Currently, with me doing every aspect of the videos at maximum output, I'm able to get one True Power episode in a week, then the battle video the next week. However, I want to be able to provide more content for you guys; my ultimate goal is to get one True Power Episode along with the associated battle video up every week and to spend more time with my community through streaming. However, to do this, I would need to hire a visual editor to help me along with the assembling process.
The problem is, visual editors are of course expensive and I'd need some help raising funds; and that’s what this Patreon is for.

Thank You For Your Amazing Support.
Pursuing content creation full-time has always been a dream, and to be able to provide the amount of high-quality content that I want to provide for you guys would be incredible. Thank you to each and every one of you who watches my content and decides to support this endeavor financially. Don’t forget to check out the tier perks!
$48 of $250 per month
At this amount, I'll be able to afford a visual editor to ensure I can bring you guys more True Power episodes & other videos more often! This will also free up more time so I can stream on Youtube regularly.
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