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About Siluman

Hello and Welcome to the Revolution of Society

We are a creator that works for what we like: Monster Girls.
Well, because of some things, currently a bit less than what to be expected.

Who we are, 
Currently, we are still a mishmash group of people that trying to make a game we like with our favorite characters.

Current Project(Cosplay Party)

Story :
The current premise about a world where the word entertainment is banned and everything is controlled by black company policy, where people only work as cogs of society and create an orderly world. The protagonist is a corporate slave of one of that company, he graduated, worked, and wasting his time as the cogs in his company until a day came that he got invited into the underground entertainment business. From there he starts to meet many girls that oppressed by society in the name of profits and fighting against the Black Company policy to spread entertainment values like games, cosplay, music, and more.

System :
Battle: SRPG and Whenever battle like Yakuza Series
Daily: Working as Corporate Slave in the morning and Entertainment enforcer at night and weekend(if any)
Choice Matter: Decide when to quit your horrible workplace, but when things go wrong you could be on the street next.
No Games No Life: Balance your stressful Office Life with your Hobby, Be careful that your superior doesn't catch you that will make your wages lower than it ever been.

Current Progress:
Mostly still in demo making and debugging,
*a lot because I kinda interested in porting the system from MV to MZ but maybe will take a poll first and finishing some of the edits I need

About the Previous Project: Click the Link Here for the previous project we had done and here about why we make this project.

Other Projects By Friends

Village of Lewd Monsters [RPG] 

After getting lost in the forest also being caught in a storm, a young man lost his consciousness. Suddenly he wakes up in the inn with an Arachne girl, thanks to Fenrir that rescues him from fainted in the forest. After he recovers, Fenrir decides to train him to be a better man, he also met some other monster girls in this village and forced to help them as an errand boy, of course, they pay him with some money and their body. After that he decides to live with them with a beautiful big tits monster girls, he spends his entire life in that village.

What we will use the money for?
We will use what you give us, first of all, is for our livelihood!
and for paying for creating more assets as we want to grow better. 

Happy Fapping :D

$76.57 of $100 per month
[Newbie Support]
I can give bonus for the artists for their great works in making this project keep progressing.
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